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#1811 Help packaging by supporting DESTDIR build, make, compile, install, package new vladimir_prus Patches
#1913 Null deleter for shared_ptr smart_ptr null deleter new pdimov Feature Requests
#3627 boost::asio::async_read() cannot be used with null_buffers() asio async_read null_buffers new chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests
#3699 boost::asio support allocator parameter asio allocator new chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests
#4899 Parallel graphs don't work with named vertices parallel, distributed, betweenness, named vertices new ngedmond Bugs
#5292 boost::mpi::scatterv and boost::mpi::gatherv added collective operations new troyer Patches
#5341 Patch to improve shared library behavior with serialization serialization shared_libraries dlls reopened ramey Patches
#5579 1_40_0 serialization break. serialization object cross dll new ramey Bugs
#5806 Property tree supporting custom allocators such as the boost pool ones property tree custom allocator new kaalus Feature Requests
#6116 In chain.hpp there is a variable named "null" null chain.hpp new turkanis Bugs
#6611 boost::pool_allocator construct() with single argument required by GCC 4.6 stl pool_allocator construct new cnewbold Bugs
#6617 filesystem::remove_all can't delete directory that contains directory junction junction remove remove_all new bemandawes Bugs
#6626 shallow_array_adaptor bug in swap function boost::numeric::ublas::shallow_array_adaptor new guwi17 Bugs
#6831 __sync_lock_test_and_set_4 and illegal instruction async_read __sync_lock_test_and_set_4 illegal_instruction new chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#6839 distributed::adjacency_list fails to propagate mpi_process_group correctly parallel graph library process_group new jewillco Patches
#7106 multi_array::resize switches to default-constructed allocator allocator new garcia Bugs
#7736 Boost.Units io.hpp always includes Boost.serialization and an unwanted Clang warning units serialization dllexport attribute clang new steven_watanabe Support Requests
#8250 Bug deleting self loop edges in parallel code pbgl, self-loop, parallel, in_edges new ngedmond Bugs
#8712 [function] Comparison with nullptr differs from std::function<> nullptr C++11 new dgregor Bugs
#8746 Boot log sink file collector max number of files threshold boost log file collector new andysem Feature Requests
#8799 named condition notify_all does not wake up waiting process named_condition notify_all new igaztanaga Bugs
#9224 rapidxml, memory corruption in class memory_pool, private member m_static_memory; not threadsafe in multi-threaded process rapidxml, memory_pool, allocate_node, m_static_memory, multi-threaded assigned cornedbee Bugs
#9320 stat_collector example does not work extension_stat_collector new andysem Bugs
#9425 Boost promise & future does not use supplied allocator for value storage promise, future, allocator assigned viboes Bugs
#9501 interval_set uses std::set with non strict weak ordering icl interval_set insert clang llvm set ordering new jofaber Bugs
#9873 Boost.Geometry: boost::geometry::convex_hull makes a convex polygon look concave for certain values Boost.Geometry,boost::geometry::convex_hull,convex_hull new Bugs
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