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#4833 MinGW/test_tss_lib: Support of automatic tss cleanup for native threading API not available
#7319 Take care of c++std-lib-32966 issue
#7912 boost:thread documentation for 1.50 does not mention BOOST_THREAD_WAIT_BUG
#8600 wait_for_any hangs, if called with multiple copies of shared_future referencing same task
#9118 Seg fault on thread join when llvm and libc++ are used
#10967 Timed wait points inconsistently convert relative to absolute waits
#11091 notify_all_at_thread_exit - ThreadSanitizer: data race
#11097 test_scheduled_tp - ThreadSanitizer: heap-use-after-free
#11252 make make_ready_future more efficient
#11275 Deadlock when destroying continuation future
#11338 mingw warnings
#11457 windows - boost::recursive_mutex leaks event handles when lock contention occurs.
#11494 boost::this_thread::yield() is marked as deprecated in the synopsis
#11499 windows - exception lock_error while intensive locking/unlocking of shared_mutex on many threads
#11550 Solaris - boost::call_once issues
#11562 (condition_variable_any::wait_until + recursive_mutex + steady_clock) timer expires after computer time is set forward on Ubuntu 64-bit
#11798 Implementation of boost::shared_mutex on POSIX is suboptimal
#11861 Using boost thread crash winrt store app on start on Windows 10 Phone devices
#11903 POSIX API calls only 'verified' in thread_specific_ptr implementation
#11951 Memory leak in boost::when_all
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