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#2442 Application statically linked with Boost.Thread crashes when Google Desktop is installed (Windows XP)
#3926 thread_specific_ptr + dlopen library causes a SIGSEGV.
#4833 MinGW/test_tss_lib: Support of automatic tss cleanup for native threading API not available
#6782 call_once uses incorrect barrier intrinsic on Visual Studio
#6787 boost::thread::sleep() hangs if system time is rolled back
#7319 Take care of c++std-lib-32966 issue
#7665 this_thread::sleep_for no longer uses steady_clock in thread
#7912 boost:thread documentation for 1.50 does not mention BOOST_THREAD_WAIT_BUG
#8600 wait_for_any hangs, if called with multiple copies of shared_future referencing same task
#9307 future::fallback_to assert with ERRORRRRR boost: mutex lock failed in pthread_mutex_lock: Invalid argument
#9308 future::async fails with terminate called throwing an exception when called with a lambda - clang-darwin-asan11
#9309 test_latch fails often on clang-darwin-tot11
#9310 test_4648_lib fails on clang-darwin-asan11
#9311 ex_lambda_future fails on msvc-11.0
#9425 Boost promise & future does not use supplied allocator for value storage
#9558 future continuations unit test hangs in get()/pthread_cond_wait() on Mac 10.7/32-bit/x86/darwin-4.2.1
#9569 Upgrade lock is not acquired when previous upgrade lock releases if another read lock is present
#9787 [windows] Small duration value passed down to basic_timed_mutex::try_lock_until and condition_variable::wait_until can cause infinite or near infinite wait for win32
#9845 [windows] Nondeterministic behavior of boost::thread::try_join_for()
#9856 [windows] condition_variable::wait_for returns wrong cv_status on timeout.
#9867 Remove references to gcc-mingw
#9880 [windows] boost::condition_variable.timed_wait() exception if system time < 1970
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