22:21 CommonImages edited by matias
22:04 Changeset [7391] by jakevoytko
Added get_* functions
21:16 Changeset [7390] by jakevoytko
21:08 Ticket #877 ('NULL' undefined in basic_serializer_map.cpp) closed by ramey
21:04 question.png attached to CommonImages by matias
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Check List
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RSS Feed
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Linked In
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IBD Wiki
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17:52 Ticket #1082 (Doc error with program_options zero_tokens() ( docs say zero_token() )) created by boost@…
The boost program_options docs here: …
16:26 Changeset [7389] by danieljames
Strip paragraphs from 'purpose' tag in reference documentation.
16:20 Changeset [38168] by danieljames
Strip paragraphs from 'purpose' tag in reference documentation.
15:50 Changeset [7388] by jakevoytko
gcc touchups
14:26 Changeset [38167] by dan_marsden
fixing issues with fusion zip_view size on intel
04:56 Changeset [7387] by jakevoytko
Bug fixes, Boost.Parameter experiment, sans documentation + unit tests. …
01:52 Changeset [7386] by sixtrillion
01:27 Changeset [7385] by matt_calabrese
Added automatic support for interlocked integer types which are not …
01:05 Changeset [38166] by agurtovoy
Adjust to differences in space handling between different xsltproc …


21:40 ImprovingBoostDocs edited by matias
21:34 soc/2007/RegexRecursiveMatch edited by hughwimberly
update (diff)
20:40 resources.png attached to CommonImages by matias
20:38 resources.png attached to ImprovingBoostDocs by matias
17:52 BrowserTestingChart edited by studoot
Added Marco + his testing results (diff)
17:41 Changeset [38165] by pdimov
Fix #997
17:26 Ticket #974 (spurious warning suppression code useful in shared_ptr.hpp) closed by pdimov
fixed: This is already fixed in CVS HEAD.
17:22 Changeset [38164] by pdimov
Use object placeholders for g++ 4.1+, reported and PCH-tested by Daniel …
17:21 Changeset [38163] by grafik
Make use of output dir options of msvc to not polute src dir with compiled …
09:42 Changeset [7384] by danieljames
Use a portable hash_value in insert_stable_tests in order to support …
09:39 Changeset [7383] by danieljames
Get malloc_allocator working with Visual C++ 6 STL.
04:27 Changeset [38162] by hkaiser
Wave: made build for wave driver single threaded.
04:05 Changeset [38161] by hkaiser
Wave: Fixed Jamfile.
03:35 Changeset [38160] by eric_niebler
fix up typeof registrations
03:19 Changeset [7382] by matias
rss feed for IBD news
02:57 Changeset [38159] by eric_niebler
updated doxygen generated reference section
02:57 Changeset [38158] by eric_niebler
updated links to doxygen-generated reference section
02:02 Changeset [38157] by eric_niebler
remove unnecessary file


23:39 Ticket #1081 (Empty string rejected as perl-style regex) created by Christopher.Dunn@…
"" is a valid Perl-style regular expression. It means "match anything". …
22:35 Changeset [7381] by mconsoni
- Added preprocessor macros for this files. In counted_factory_map add,get …
21:47 Changeset [7380] by hughwimberly
eod - backup copy
21:15 UnifiedLookAndFeelProject edited by matias
21:14 BrowserTestingChart edited by matias
20:54 Changeset [7379] by srajko
convert all class template reference, hyperlinks not all converted yet.
20:48 Changeset [38156] by dan_marsden
testing zero length sequences have converting ctors
20:47 Changeset [38155] by dan_marsden
adding working converting ctors for zero length sequences
20:30 Changeset [7378] by mconsoni
- Added preprocessor macros for ::get, ::add and operator std::list... It …
19:47 Changeset [38154] by witt
Doc and build fixes by Dave Abrahams.
19:28 Ticket #494 (STLPort with NO_IOSTREAMS) closed by pdimov
fixed: The patch is already applied to 1.34 and HEAD according to the Sourceforge …
19:20 Changeset [38153] by witt
Applying patch to fix example build.
18:19 BrowserTestingChart edited by matias
18:17 BrowserTestingChart edited by matias
18:09 Changeset [7377] by asutton
- Removed the older geodesic header - Moved all distance computations into …
18:09 Ticket #1004 ([typeof] Support vc8 in native mode) closed by burbelgruff
fixed: This is implemented in HEAD. It is not a bugfix, but a new feature, and …
18:05 Ticket #963 (typeof: nested types of BOOST_TYPEOF'ed type don't work on gcc 3.4.5 in ...) closed by burbelgruff
wontfix: The above solution was tested and rejected for the following reason: GCC …
17:28 Ticket #348 (program_options bug?) closed by vladimir_prus
wontfix: The 'first' example works fine for me on gcc, so I'd expect a …
17:18 Ticket #96 (Finish target paths) closed by vladimir_prus
fixed: Obsolete!
17:17 soc/2007/UserFriendlyGraphs/Distance edited by asutton
17:11 Ticket #129 (default build cleanup) closed by vladimir_prus
wontfix: We haven't had any real problems with this.
17:08 Ticket #55 (Generator Relevance Filtering) closed by vladimir_prus
fixed: Already done.
17:07 Ticket #64 (Documentation) closed by vladimir_prus
invalid: At this point, it's unclear if this ticket is still actionable-upon.
17:06 Ticket #112 ('distclean' target) closed by vladimir_prus
duplicate: Dup of  http://zigzag.cs.msu.su/boost.build/ticket/3
17:04 Ticket #123 (target templates) closed by vladimir_prus
wontfix: No need for such 'template' has arisen so far.
17:02 Ticket #98 (Better notion of link-compatibility) closed by vladimir_prus
wontfix: So far, no great need for link-compatibility was expressed.
17:01 Ticket #122 (stage rule) closed by vladimir_prus
invalid: Obsolete. Already done.
16:30 soc/2007/UserFriendlyGraphs/Distance edited by asutton
16:23 Ticket #285 (Borland compiler error with Pool, boost::pool_allocator) reopened by john_wilson@…
"bug which was fixed in the 5.9.0 version, which corresponds to C++ …
15:45 soc/2007/UserFriendlyGraphs/Distance created by asutton
15:36 soc/2007/UserFriendlyGraphs/PropertyMaps edited by asutton
15:19 Changeset [7376] by stefan
Fix typo.
15:10 BoostSpecificWikiMacros edited by matias
15:06 Changeset [7375] by stefan
Rework source layout and build system to conform to boost standard.
15:01 ImprovingBoostDocs edited by matias
14:57 People edited by matias
13:57 soc/2007/UserFriendlyGraphs/Measures edited by asutton
13:28 soc/2007/UserFriendlyGraphs/Measures created by asutton
13:25 BoostSpecificWikiMacros edited by matias
13:12 soc/2007/UserFriendlyGraph edited by asutton
12:45 Ticket #851 (xml handling library) closed by dave
invalid: This is not a feature request for any existing Boost library. New library …
12:30 Ticket #790 (MSVC 8 & STLport) closed by dave
invalid: For one, nobody is running regression tests for that platform
12:23 Changeset [7374] by asutton
Renamed diameter.hpp to geodesic.hpp
12:20 TicketWorkflow edited by dave
11:59 Ticket #296 (Associative containers that search on keys or values) closed by dave
fixed: This is called Boost.MultiIndex? or Boost.Bimap, and it's already in Boost.
10:36 TicketWorkflow edited by dave
Refer to Boost Users' Wiki (diff)
10:33 TicketWorkflow edited by dave
10:27 Changeset [38152] by rgarcia
updated status of libraries that have been accepted and are now in CVS.
08:54 Changeset [38151] by eric_niebler
get more stuff out of the proto namespace
03:19 soc/2007/VisualizationOfContainers edited by jakevoytko
02:55 Changeset [38150] by eric_niebler
more adl barriers
02:36 TicketWorkflow edited by dave
02:35 TicketWorkflow edited by dave
02:31 TicketWorkflow edited by dave
02:30 TicketWorkflow edited by dave
02:29 TicketWorkflow edited by dave
02:24 TicketWorkflow edited by dave
02:17 TicketWorkflow created by dave
01:57 WikiStart edited by dave
01:52 Ticket #530 (Boost.Ruby) closed by dave
invalid: See Boost.Langbinding. This is not a feature request against any existing …
01:50 Ticket #799 (mpl::if_) closed by dave
invalid: I disagree; it's far too verbose, and thus less clear, when you consider …[…]
01:42 Ticket #313 (lock-free data structures) closed by dave
wontfix: Unfortunately there's no Boost library to associate this request with. We …
01:27 Ticket #221 (Overall tree structure of boost.) closed by dave
wontfix: The fact is that some of the implementation headers are needed by the …
01:23 Ticket #105 (Why noncopyable destructor isn't virtual) closed by dave
wontfix: The answer why not is that it would add needless overhead.
00:40 Changeset [7373] by mconsoni
- added preprocessor macros for shared_library's get_functor method.
00:23 Changeset [7372] by drrngrvy
fix/simplify ostream::async_send
00:17 Changeset [7371] by drrngrvy
removing some old files; fixing http/status_code.hpp; updating conflicted …
00:11 Changeset [7370] by mconsoni
- shrinked to 80 columns.
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