21:51 Changeset [38221] by bgubenko
restore acc as required toolset
20:22 Changeset [38220] by t_schwinger
code tidying (insignificant changes)
20:21 Changeset [38219] by t_schwinger
code tidying
20:20 Changeset [38218] by t_schwinger
removes unnecessary #includeS
20:17 Changeset [38217] by t_schwinger
removes unnecessary #include
20:12 Ticket #1093 (Mandatory source files shouldn't require, or give the impression to ...) created by dlwalker
There has been emphasis on using the Boost.Build system to manage the …
18:56 Changeset [7431] by jakevoytko
Code improvements, shapes, lines between plot points
17:51 Changeset [7430] by pbristow
added a missing L to constant test value.
17:50 Changeset [7429] by pbristow
Added lots of L to constant test values.
12:59 HelpingBoostAuthors edited by matias
12:46 DocsOrganization edited by matias
12:45 DebuggerVisualizers edited by matias
12:44 BoostTracSyntaxColoring edited by matias
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12:33 GlueDocsCommonTasks edited by matias
12:33 GlueDocsRevised edited by matias
11:36 Changeset [7428] by pbristow
Increased tolerance from tol2 to tol5
11:30 Changeset [7427] by pbristow
added test_pareto
11:22 Changeset [7426] by pbristow
layout only
11:20 Changeset [7425] by pbristow
corrected missing ()before max, but NOT test tolerances yet.
09:27 Changeset [7424] by johnmaddock
Updated elliptic integrals and more to Policy framework.
08:55 Ticket #1092 ([Boost.Filesystem] Program can't run under Win 98) created by trigves@…
With boost.filesystem builded on Windows XP and then used in some other …
08:46 Changeset [7423] by matt_calabrese
Doc updates, added some more support for the additional bidirectional …
07:36 Changeset [38216] by eric_niebler
faster symbols parser, from Dave Jenkins
05:52 Changeset [38215] by alisdairm27386
Restore smart_ptr rvalue fails
05:41 Changeset [38214] by alisdairm27386
Revert lost changes from 1.559
05:30 LibrariesLogos edited by matias
05:29 BrowserTestingChart edited by matias
05:29 ImprovingBoostDocsSubprojects edited by matias
05:28 DocumentationTools edited by matias
05:27 StandardCppLibraryDocumentation edited by matias
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Boost Docs Translations
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Proofreading Project
04:49 helping_boost_authors.png attached to HelpingBoostAuthors by matias
Helping Boost Authors
04:29 ProofreadingProject edited by matias
04:25 ProofreadingProject edited by jakevoytko
03:51 HelpingBoostAuthors edited by matias
03:45 Changeset [38213] by bgubenko
apply 1.34 markups for acc toolset to the HEAD


21:36 Changeset [38212] by t_schwinger
fixes compilation problems with msvc
21:27 Changeset [38211] by t_schwinger
silences msvc warning when used with infinite sequences
19:51 Ticket #1037 (boost.serialization : invalid pointer dependant upon serialization order) closed by ramey
invalid: This is explained in the documentation under Reference/Special?
19:42 Changeset [38210] by igaztanaga
Fixed bug in cleanup when mapping address is not exactly matched. Reported …
19:25 Changeset [38209] by t_schwinger
revises function object concepts and functional module documenation to …
18:47 Changeset [38208] by t_schwinger
fixes result computation problem
18:46 Changeset [38207] by t_schwinger
changes result computation to use boost::result_of-based scheme
18:37 BoostDocTest edited by matias
18:36 BoostDocTest edited by matias
paul bristow photo and mail dir (diff)
18:34 ImprovingBoostDocsSubprojects edited by matias
add photos (diff)
18:33 ImprovingBoostDocs edited by matias
Paul Bristow photo and mail dir (diff)
18:31 paul_bristow.png attached to People by matias
Paul Bristow
18:31 People edited by matias
paul bristow photo and mail dir (diff)
18:31 Changeset [38206] by t_schwinger
ported to boost::result_of-based result computation scheme
17:34 Changeset [7422] by pbristow
Initial NAG example
17:22 Ticket #1037 (boost.serialization : invalid pointer dependant upon serialization order) reopened by tg38@…
Replying to ramey: Just calling for more comments if no …
17:12 Ticket #924 (Convenience function for const map read) closed by dave
invalid: Unless this suggestion applies to a particular library, it can't be …
16:37 Changeset [38205] by t_schwinger
corrects missing references in boost::result_of signature
16:35 Changeset [7421] by asutton
Wrote some more documentation Implemnented an algorithm for finding all …
16:30 ImprovingBoostDocs edited by paolog
proof-reading (diff)
16:29 Changeset [38204] by t_schwinger
adds const correctness, simplifies code, fixes nullary member function …
16:28 ProofreadingProject created by matias
16:27 Changeset [38203] by t_schwinger
adds const correctness, disables variadic tests, for now
16:26 Changeset [38202] by t_schwinger
simplifies code (minor changes)
16:24 HelpingBoostAuthors edited by matias
15:58 DocsTranslationsProject edited by matias
15:12 Changeset [38201] by t_schwinger
adds const-correctness, simplification
15:11 Changeset [38200] by t_schwinger
adds const correctness
14:48 Ticket #1091 (Build.bat does not autodetect msvc on 64-bit Windows when building bjam) created by jonathon-olesberg@…
In trying out the release candidate, I noticed a problem with the batch …
14:38 HelpingBoostAuthors created by matias
initial Helping Boost Authors section
14:22 ImprovingBoostDocs edited by matias
14:20 Changeset [38199] by t_schwinger
adds missing include
14:09 Changeset [38198] by t_schwinger
makes unfused_* work exclusively through boost::result_of
14:06 Changeset [38197] by t_schwinger
makes unfused_* work through boost::result_of only
12:48 Changeset [7420] by johnmaddock
Added policy framework to the bessel functions, plus a few others.
12:35 Ticket #1090 (scoped_file class that deletes file at end of scope) created by Marcus Lindblom <macke@…>
I've found myself wanting this on a couple of occasions with 1.33.1, and …
11:16 Ticket #1089 (missing boost::serialization::make_nvp in pointer container library) created by anonymous
The serialization support of the pointer container library is not …


22:07 Changeset [38196] by david_abrahams
1.34.0 => 1.34.1
18:19 Changeset [7419] by drrngrvy
Removing file fluff (~5 files)
18:09 Changeset [7418] by drrngrvy
Restructuring basic_request and subclasses to model *ReadStream? and …
15:57 Changeset [38195] by t_schwinger
fixes bad parameter lists for template friends
15:57 Changeset [7417] by johnmaddock
Big Policy-enabling update: all the distributions along with the special …
15:39 BrowserTestingChart edited by jakevoytko
15:31 LibrariesLogos edited by jakevoytko
13:47 Changeset [7416] by asutton
Renamed file
13:46 Changeset [7415] by asutton
Added a constant_property_map that returns the same value regardless of …
13:19 Changeset [7414] by hervebronnimann
More example.
09:08 Changeset [38194] by t_schwinger
completes boost::result_of-based result type computation
05:42 Changeset [7413] by hervebronnimann
Update usage example from test driver.
05:39 Changeset [7412] by hervebronnimann
05:37 Changeset [7411] by hervebronnimann
First component for container selectors..
04:01 Changeset [7410] by dlwalker
Moved all my old projects to a (shared) separate subdirectory. TODO: make …
01:31 Ticket #1088 (Docs for template escape feature.) created by grafik
Write docs for the new template escape QuickBook? feature.
01:07 Changeset [38193]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag …
01:07 Changeset [38192] by witt
Remove spurious wording.
01:02 Changeset [7409] by matt_calabrese
Updated docs to include cages, added some tests.
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