21:53 Changeset [40166] by rogeeff
included alias added
21:43 Changeset [40165] by rogeeff
FP exceptions made optional and disabled by default new CLA …
21:04 Ticket #1327 (iterator value_type possibly cv-qualified) created by Shunsuke Sogame <pstade.mb@…>
[…] is int const now, but it should be int.
20:36 Changeset [40164] by steven_watanabe
Added static assert to catch non-dimension lists
19:58 Changeset [40163] by vladimir_prus
Revive 'command-line-free-features'.
18:17 Changeset [40162] by johnmaddock
Fixed some links and merged changes in the Sandbox to here.
18:05 Changeset [40161] by johnmaddock
Merged changes in Trunk.
16:53 Changeset [40160] by vladimir_prus
Enable index for Boost.Build standalone docs.
16:20 Changeset [40159] by igaztanaga
Added atomic operations for alpha processors
16:14 Changeset [40158] by pbristow
Corrected a setting so that test passes. Also now possible to use …
16:12 Changeset [40157] by pbristow
Added operator<< and changed handling of blank to set default color to …
16:11 Changeset [40156] by grafik
Fix build system error when Python is not configured, without preventing …
15:37 Changeset [40155] by johnmaddock
Workaround for real_concept when there are no long double math functions. …
11:45 Changeset [40154] by pbristow
LLayout, trivia and comments.
11:44 Changeset [40153] by pbristow
Layout, trivia and comments.
11:43 Changeset [40152] by pbristow
avoided problems with MSVC macro max and min
11:43 Changeset [40151] by pbristow
Corrected test color consistency failure in x_label_color
11:12 Changeset [40150] by jtorjo
[logging] v0.7.2 - format_write cares if formatter/destination is generic …
11:08 Ticket #1326 (Unable to check graph isomorphism using LEDA adapter) created by iouri.smirnov@…
I tried to use isomorphism() algorithm with LEDA graphs and encountered …
08:34 Changeset [40149] by chris_kohlhoff
Assume that Tru64 also needs SIGPIPE to be blocked.
07:14 Changeset [40148] by rogeeff
fixed issue with num of exp failure calculation mwerks port in …
07:13 Changeset [40147] by rogeeff
try run
06:57 Changeset [40146] by joaquin
applied workaround for MSVC++ 6.5/7.0 problem with static constants inside …
06:09 Changeset [40145] by jtorjo
[logging] fixed small typos so that this compiles fine for gcc 4.3 …
05:29 Changeset [40144] by vladimir_prus
00:52 Changeset [40143] by drrngrvy
[not fit for purpose] Creating a tag of the completed merge of SF data …


23:40 Changeset [40142] by drrngrvy
Merge from SF.net finished, finally. Gadzooks! Ike! It did not have to be …
23:30 Changeset [40141] by drrngrvy
Merged revisions 40126-40140 via svnmerge from …
22:53 Changeset [40140] by drrngrvy
Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-40125" from …
22:52 Changeset [40139] by drrngrvy
Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-40138" from …
22:43 Changeset [40138] by drrngrvy
Copying trunk so svnmerge tracking can work properly (it doesn't like the …
21:12 Changeset [40137] by srajko
implement most port concepts and operations
20:55 Changeset [40136] by drrngrvy
Removed merge tracking for "svnmerge" for …
20:42 Changeset [40135] by drrngrvy
[merging from SF] * Fixing fcgi/client.hpp and scgi/client.hpp. * Test …
20:10 Changeset [40134] by drrngrvy
Added a basic_client class, that is a level between a request and the …
19:51 Changeset [40133] by drrngrvy
[merging from SF] Adding website. It's basic and it does the job, just. …
19:00 Changeset [40132] by drrngrvy
Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "19" from …
17:29 Changeset [40131] by danieljames
Merge some minor changes from the development branch to remove some …
17:27 Changeset [40130] by danieljames
Include authors that are in authorgroups in the generated chapterinfo.
17:21 Changeset [40129] by eric_niebler
mark up expected xpressive failures on acc toolset
17:15 Changeset [40128] by johnmaddock
Updates to build system: Sun and SGI compilers have a problem doing a …
15:50 Changeset [40127] by drrngrvy
Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-39044" from …
15:44 Changeset [40126] by bemandawes
Add links to release branch test results
15:43 Changeset [40125] by drrngrvy
Copying r39044 so work done on SF.net can be merged in properly
15:40 Changeset [40124] by igaztanaga
Added <algorithm> include. Erased wrong "non" word in swap members' Throws …
15:20 Changeset [40123] by pbristow
Fat finger !
15:19 Changeset [40122] by drrngrvy
reorganising dir so merging is simpler
15:15 Changeset [40121] by drrngrvy
Minor update to building.qbk, before reorganisation
15:01 Changeset [40120] by pbristow
corrected filename internally, 'ifdef guard Macro should be BOOST_SVG... …
14:04 Changeset [40119] by chris_kohlhoff
Add dummy enum for ssl errors. Change to static const references to error …
14:01 Changeset [40118] by jtorjo
[logging] added shared_memory destination.
12:58 Changeset [40117] by johnmaddock
Disable FOP1 extensions so we can build with xep extensions instead.
10:40 Changeset [40116] by pbristow
Generated files after editorial work to qbk and jamfile.
10:39 Changeset [40115] by pbristow
Numerous cosmetic changes and typos.
10:37 Changeset [40114] by pbristow
update to generate pdf as well as html
10:29 Changeset [40113] by pbristow
add y_label method
10:29 Changeset [40112] by pbristow
added comments
09:30 Changeset [40111] by jtorjo
[logging] worked on rolling_file (not finished) worked on optimize - …
09:19 Changeset [40110] by johnmaddock
Change #warning to #pragma message: #warning is a gcc-ism and the code in …
08:20 Changeset [40109] by chris_kohlhoff
Add define to disable /dev/poll support.
07:58 Changeset [40108] by chris_kohlhoff
Make Windows XP the default target Windows version as the latest Windows …
07:25 Changeset [40107] by chris_kohlhoff
Throw an exception if unable to create a pipe for the …
05:22 Changeset [40106] by chris_kohlhoff
Borland C++ wants friendship for the task_cleanup nested class.
04:55 Changeset [40105] by jakevoytko
Added labels for y axis information
04:44 Changeset [40104] by chris_kohlhoff
Revert HP-UX/aCC change to select() wrapper as it breaks more than it …
04:26 Changeset [40103] by eric_niebler
misc cleann-up from Dave Jenkins
01:36 Changeset [40102] by drrngrvy
Adding a couple of files. Updating copyright on the rest (plus some other …
01:06 Ticket #1325 (implement website testing) created by grafik
Need to implement testing of the new web site content. The goal is to use …


23:25 Changeset [40101] by danieljames
Remove the free-function-groups from the hash reference documentation, …
22:13 Changeset [40100] by eric_niebler
revert more boost.test changes
22:05 Changeset [40099] by bemandawes
Add failure count for each compiler column.
21:48 Changeset [40098] by guwi17
- added section "nested products"
21:14 Changeset [40097] by drrngrvy
Fixing boost/cgi/cookie.hpp from last commit
20:05 Changeset [40096] by grafik
Specify user to post results to OSL server.
19:08 Changeset [40095] by grafik
Allow specifying options with quotes, i.e. "--with-python=xyz", to work …
19:07 Changeset [40094] by eric_niebler
reverted to r40064
17:34 Changeset [40093] by drrngrvy
17:24 Changeset [40092] by drrngrvy
* Added all except 'Phoenix' from the Attributes TOC section. With the …
17:15 Changeset [40091] by eric_niebler
17:11 Changeset [40090] by rogeeff
cygwin issue fix
17:06 Changeset [40089] by niels_dekker
Added value_initialized<T> test, having T as aggregate POD struct. In the …
17:00 Changeset [40088] by niels_dekker
Disabled MSVC warning C4345, in response to Gennadiy Rozental, Boost …
16:15 Changeset [40087] by johnmaddock
Update for Borland 5.8.2 and 5.9.2.
16:11 Changeset [40086] by johnmaddock
Fully qualified use of "extended" flag, to keep gcc on Solaris happy.
16:10 Changeset [40085] by vladimir_prus
Almost finish virtual_target.py and build_system.py.
15:52 Changeset [40084] by grafik
Minor modification to pass in the branch type to generate results for, and …
15:41 Changeset [40083] by johnmaddock
Fixes for the Sun-5.9 compiler: don't try and encode constants smaller …
15:25 Changeset [40082] by igaztanaga
Tru64 re-enabled for intrusive to try to solve remaining issues
12:01 Changeset [40081] by jtorjo
[logging] added some formatters and destinations - not tested yet
11:08 Changeset [40080] by anthonyw
removed lock_ops as no longer needed
10:08 Ticket #1324 (tuple should have a swap() that operates element-by-element) created by dave
See my posts in this thread for the reasons …
09:41 Ticket #1323 (Assertion Error during cleanup after running out of thread resources) created by martin_wille
If test_barrier is run under certain resource constraints then an …
09:32 Changeset [40079] by johnmaddock
Fixed lots of "inspect" issues: bad hyperlinks, tabs in source and missing …
07:18 Changeset [40078] by rogeeff
Major rework of execution monitor functionality: update to the error …
07:07 Changeset [40077] by rogeeff
temporary disable debug related features - to be reverted soon
07:06 Changeset [40076] by rogeeff
fix A bug in auto TC exp failure support
05:53 Changeset [40075] by vladimir_prus
Initial port of build_system.jam.
05:45 Changeset [40074] by vladimir_prus
New method ProjectRegistry?.load_standalone. Various fixes in attribute …
05:44 Changeset [40073] by vladimir_prus
Implement ProjectTarget?.inherit.
05:43 Changeset [40072] by vladimir_prus
Update build_request.py
05:43 Changeset [40071] by vladimir_prus
Implement property.remove.
05:42 Changeset [40070] by vladimir_prus
Allow to register same bjam action repeatedly.
03:51 Changeset [40069] by rogeeff
unified test runner interface for both original and alternative init API, …
03:47 Changeset [40068] by rogeeff
use io_saver directly
02:03 Changeset [40067] by rogeeff
proper report for the exceptions in inti_unit_test_suite function
02:02 Changeset [40066] by rogeeff
msvc 6.5 port
02:01 Changeset [40065] by rogeeff
avoid warnings
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