03:18 Changeset [44141] by jeremypack
Fixes for Windows and GCC
00:52 Ticket #1804 (Check for EBUSY instead of ETIMEDOUT in thread/pthread/mutex.hpp) created by rchrist@…
I believe this code: bool timed_lock(system_time const & abs_time) { …


23:19 Changeset [44140] by pdimov
ARM assembly fix.
21:20 Changeset [44139] by grafik
Add ARM architecture/instrustion-set.
21:08 Changeset [44138] by pdimov
spinlock_gcc_arm.hpp added.
19:58 Changeset [44137] by pdimov
sp_counted_base_spin.hpp added, enabled by BOOST_SP_USE_SPINLOCK.
19:33 Changeset [44136] by anthonyw
Added test for trac ticket #1803: condition_variable::notify_one may fail …
19:32 Ticket #1803 (win32 condition_variable::notify_one may lose notifies) created by anthonyw
Under particular usage sequences, the win32 implementation of …
19:13 Changeset [44135] by danieljames
Merge 'getting started' link.
18:48 Changeset [44134] by emildotchevski
missing include
18:46 Changeset [44133] by danieljames
Add link to 'getting started'.
17:49 Changeset [44132] by pdimov
Proper try_lock semantics.
17:27 Changeset [44131] by danieljames
Rebuild the function types documentation.
17:26 Changeset [44130] by danieljames
Fix a typo.
17:04 Ticket #1802 (Add autodetection of Expat and MPI in configure) created by jewillco@…
The configure script in Boost already autodetects the presence and …
15:56 Changeset [44129] by johnmaddock
Updated erf implementation notes.
15:33 Ticket #1790 ([TR1] Test failures with VC9 + MS TR1) closed by johnmaddock
fixed: Thanks Richard, fixed in revisions #44127 and #44128.
15:32 Changeset [44128] by johnmaddock
Fix for bug #1790.
15:31 Changeset [44127] by johnmaddock
Update for bug report #1790.
15:21 Ticket #1797 (function_traits documentation errors) closed by johnmaddock
fixed: Fixed in revision #44126.
15:21 Changeset [44126] by johnmaddock
Fix bug report #1797.
14:38 Ticket #1801 (Typo in documentation.) created by hirsch@…
14:01 Ticket #1800 (range/as_literal.hpp misses checks, whether wchar is even available) created by René Bürgel <r.buergel@…>
range/as_literal.hpp declares overloads for length() and is_char_ptr(), …
13:50 Changeset [44125] by hkaiser
Fixed #pragma message directives and a couple of forwarding headers.
11:45 Changeset [44124] by johnmaddock
Added improved SVG support.
11:35 Changeset [44123] by johnmaddock
Added needed #includes.
11:34 Changeset [44122] by johnmaddock
Run config_info and config_test in both single and multi-thread modes.
11:34 Changeset [44121] by johnmaddock
Run config_info and config_test in both single and multi-thread modes.
08:51 Ticket #1799 (Boost.Test docs missing reference pages) created by Jos Hickson <j.hickson@…>
08:12 Ticket #1798 (met an error using boost::tokenizer in multi-times in vs2005, unicode) created by wingo <wangtonggu@…>
test function: const CHAR* tnotifymsg = “HTTP/1.1 Host: …
02:17 Changeset [44120] by hkaiser
Fixed one more include path
01:51 Changeset [44119] by djowel
In preparation for spirit2: * flat includes * home directory * forwarding …
01:29 Changeset [44118] by djowel
In preparation for spirit2: * flat includes * home directory * forwarding …


23:14 Changeset [44117] by klimpel
added missing blas/test/blas.hpp from …
22:14 Changeset [44116] by klimpel
ported build system for tests to boost.build.v2 -fixed compile errors …
21:57 Changeset [44115] by klimpel
enriched ublas_ordering to solve problems with one1 and one2 for ublas …
21:29 Changeset [44114] by emildotchevski
fixed compile errors, removed tabs as required.
20:53 Ticket #1797 (function_traits documentation errors) created by baraclese@…
- In the Function Traits Members table, 1st column. It is written …
20:46 Ticket #1796 (compile error when SDL_syswm.h (from sdl library) is included before ...) created by anonymous
foreach won't compile when included after SDL_syswm.h the following two …
20:34 Ticket #1795 ([ptr_container] minor documentation typo) created by Richard Webb <richard.webb@…>
In the Acknowledgements section of …
19:54 Ticket #1794 (Typo in RegEx Documentation) created by wilsond@…
On the page: …
19:49 Ticket #1793 (Error in iterator_range if NDEBUG is defined but BOOST_DISABLE_ASSERTS is ...) created by Stephan
Attached patch fixes an error if NDEBUG is defined and …
19:40 Ticket #1792 (fix warning on MSVC warning level 4) created by Stephan
Attached patch fixes 2 warnings on Warning Level 4 in MSVC 8 through …
19:34 Ticket #1791 (fix warning on MSVC warning level 4) created by Stephan
Attached patch fixes a warning in MSVC 8 on warning level 4 by removing a …
19:24 Changeset [44113] by klimpel
added some missing #include <cassert>
19:05 Ticket #1790 ([TR1] Test failures with VC9 + MS TR1) created by Richard Webb <richard.webb@…>
While running the TR1 tests on VC9 with the MS TR1 pack, i found a couple …
16:35 Changeset [44112] by eric_niebler
add lambda transform example
15:40 Changeset [44111] by eric_niebler
Merged revisions 44071-44110 via svnmerge from …
07:23 Ticket #1789 (thread_group not passing variables) created by anonymous
Why does thread_group (create_thread()) not allow passing variables?
00:17 Changeset [44110] by eric_niebler


22:49 Changeset [44109] by danieljames
Add missing tests.
20:04 Changeset [44108] by dgregor
Fix a few more minor issues
19:45 Changeset [44107] by dgregor
Big cleanup of candidate sets wording
19:20 Ticket #1788 (local_time::local_time_period streaming operators not implemented) created by andysem@…
There are no operator<< and operator>> defined for the local_time_period …
19:09 Changeset [44106] by garcia
Updated to reflect current status of reviews.
19:07 Changeset [44105] by garcia
Tidied the file.
19:00 Changeset [44104] by emildotchevski
fixed compile errors on various platforms
18:50 Changeset [44103] by garcia
Added Logging library back into the queue. Set the result of the Logging …
18:41 Changeset [44102] by dgregor
Rework the wording of checking whether an associated function is …
18:38 Changeset [44101] by garcia
Updated from latest revision of old web page. Not yet tidied.
18:30 Ticket #1787 (Please install Trac XML-RPC Plugin) created by lothar
Please install the Trac XML-RPC Plugin. The XML-RPC Plugin enables access …
17:57 Changeset [44100] by pbristow
Better link added
17:53 Changeset [44099] by fmhess
Added a very basic test of using non-default threading models.
17:50 Changeset [44098] by pbristow
added more examples & #include line
17:27 Changeset [44097] by garcia
Updated the queue, though not the record yet. Haven't yet tidied.
17:23 Changeset [44096] by ramey
changed type traits macro to BOOST_TT_BROKEN_COMPILER_SPEC
17:07 Changeset [44095] by ramey
17:05 Changeset [44094] by ramey
updated markup for serialization library eliminated deprecated tests …
16:39 Ticket #1786 (BOOST_BROKEN_COMPILER_TYPE_TRAITS_SPECIALIZATION not defined in ...) closed by ramey
16:34 Changeset [44093] by johnmaddock
Updated last commit info, plus compiler compatibility and news.
16:33 Changeset [44092] by johnmaddock
Updated last commit info, plus compiler compatibility and news.
15:58 Changeset [44091] by johnmaddock
Merged changes from sandbox to Trunk: New special functions for truncation …
15:43 Changeset [44090] by johnmaddock
Merged changes from Trunk.
13:09 Changeset [44089] by anthonyw
Added locked-> owns_lock change to breaking changes
12:09 Ticket #1786 (BOOST_BROKEN_COMPILER_TYPE_TRAITS_SPECIALIZATION not defined in ...) created by Maik Beckmann <Beckmann.Maik <at> googlemail <dot> com>
This issue is known …
11:56 Ticket #1785 (assign::list_of works poorly with class constructors) created by tailsu@…
try compiling the following snippet: #include <boost/assign/list_of.hpp> …
10:32 Changeset [44088] by jurko
Fixed a bug with bjam not handling the '\' root Windows path correctly …
09:55 Changeset [44087] by jurko
Solved the problem with child process returning the value 259 (Windows …
09:52 Ticket #1784 ([parameter] missing include) created by Richard Webb <Richard.Webb@…>
Raised on the mailing list @ …
08:20 Ticket #1783 (No link to wiki) created by vladimir_prus
Either I look not very hard, or the new website does not have a link to …
07:10 Ticket #1782 (missing include in boost/serialization/utility.hpp) created by anonymous
Compilation fails due to missing include of boost/mpl/and.hpp. A simple …
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