23:55 Changeset [48936] by danieljames
Merge from live, up to 48935
23:51 Ticket #2362 (quick_allocator not declared) created by Matthew Downey <matthew.downey@…>
After including some serialization headers, I am getting the compile …
23:41 Changeset [48935] by danieljames
Add link to Chinese Translators and a note for any other translators.
23:22 Changeset [48934] by danieljames
The test case for BOOST_NO_INITIALIZER_LISTS, I'll run generate tomorrow.
20:44 Changeset [48933] by fmhess
Removed abi prefix/suffix since this is a header-only lib.
20:23 Changeset [48932] by fmhess
Moved everything into signals2 namespace. Moved headers accordingly to …
19:45 Changeset [48931] by danieljames
Branch for adding initializer list support (only in the unreleased gcc 4.4 …
19:44 Changeset [48930] by danieljames
Remove the prebuilt version of quickbook.
19:44 Changeset [48929] by danieljames
Change quickbook so that the links are relative to the combined …
19:42 Changeset [48928] by danieljames
Copy extra images from quickbook to the combined documentation.
19:29 Changeset [48927] by danieljames
Rewrite the id code to convert the characters of parts of the id at the …
16:28 Ticket #2361 (thread_specific_ptr: nature of the key, complexity and rationale) created by vicente.botet@…
I didn't know that the key of thread_specific_ptr was the address of the …
15:44 Changeset [48926] by fmhess
Made tag of thread_safe_signals state before I rearrange …
15:38 Changeset [48925] by fmhess
Added new trunk and tags subdirectories for thread_safe_signals, and moved …
12:22 BoostDocs/GettingStarted edited by danieljames
09:49 Changeset [48924] by johnmaddock
Added markup for the new cmath TR1 tests.
06:01 Changeset [48923] by eric_niebler
some msvc portability tweaks
04:51 Ticket #2325 (Use of tmpnam may produce spurious test results) reopened by dgregor
Oops! Typo in my commit message accidentally closed this bug. Re-opening.
04:49 Ticket #2353 ([function] Patch to improve CodeGear C++ Builder support) closed by dgregor
fixed: Fixed in trunk. Thanks!
00:26 Ticket #2325 (Use of tmpnam may produce spurious test results) closed by dgregor
fixed: (In [48922]) CodeGear? C++ fix, from Nicola Musatti. Fixes #2325
00:26 Changeset [48922] by dgregor
CodeGear? C++ fix, from Nicola Musatti. Fixes #2325


22:55 Ticket #2343 ([exception] Patch to improve support of CodeGear C++Builder 2009) closed by emildotchevski
22:47 Changeset [48921] by emildotchevski
Tests workarounds for CodeGear? 2009. Thanks Nicola for all the CodeGear?
21:19 Ticket #2360 (out-of-memory segfault) created by cnewbold
== From Phil Bouchard == Oh this morning I assumed there was a bug in …
20:55 Ticket #2359 (Static initialization problems with fast_pool_allocator) created by cnewbold
== Detailed analysis from Joaquín M López Muñoz: == Hello, I did look …
19:14 Changeset [48920] by emildotchevski
documentation update
18:57 Changeset [48919] by emildotchevski
very minor change, making a constructor explicit.
18:27 Changeset [48918] by emildotchevski
Improving CodeGear? C++Builder 2009 compatibility
04:47 Changeset [48917] by eric_niebler
get things building again
03:33 Changeset [48916] by eric_niebler
merged from trunk
03:14 Ticket #2357 (boost::serialization is not build under macosx) closed by ramey
worksforme: I notice that with the trunk tests Darwin seems to build and test OK. In …
02:36 Ticket #2358 (__sync_lock_test_and_set not defined for Intel ICC (used in ...) created by bangerth@…
This is an issue that has apparently been noted before, see e.g. …


20:56 Changeset [48915] by eric_niebler
Merged revisions 48914 via svnmerge from …
20:48 Ticket #2354 (Serialization of STL collections fails on 64-bit Linux platforms) closed by ramey
fixed: I've fixed in my local copy. Assuming testing is successful, it will …
20:48 Changeset [48914] by eric_niebler
document as_expr(), as_child(), literal<>, lit() and BOOST_PROTO_EXTENDS() …
17:03 Ticket #2357 (boost::serialization is not build under macosx) created by nen777w@…
MacOSX 10.5.4 , XCode 3.0 (GCC 4.0.1) String for build: bjam …
13:59 Ticket #2356 (bug at compile time when using customized char_traits) created by Nicolas Vanhoren <nicolas.vanhoren@…>
This is quite simple, boost::iostream::stream and …
10:01 Changeset [48913] by johnmaddock
Update docs to match changes to ellint_3.
09:32 Ticket #2355 (discrepancy between std::accumulate and fusion::accumulate) created by srajko
std::accumulate expects binary functions which take the accumulator as the …
06:28 Ticket #2220 (Stack overflow in get_mpi_datatype() for struct declared as primitive_type) closed by troyer
04:28 Changeset [48912] by gordon.woodhull
04:27 Changeset [48911] by gordon.woodhull
mpl_graph indirection of implementation; adjacency list implementation
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