04:03 Ticket #2728 (Missing BOOST_THREAD_DECL for boost::detail::add_thread_exit_function() created by chanop.silpa-anan@…
Currently in 1.36.0, 1.37.0 and trunk svn, …
02:36 Ticket #574 ([boost::lambda] Compile error with libstdc++ debug mode) closed by steven_watanabe
fixed: This was fixed in [36200]
00:52 Changeset [51026] by srajko
merging wmbuild changes


23:15 Changeset [51025] by drrngrvy
Tagging version first 0.2 beta. Tested (not to exhaustion) on Ubuntu 64bit …
23:09 Changeset [51024] by drrngrvy
Adding examples to documentation again. Fixing redirect.hpp to remove …
21:57 Changeset [51023] by jofaber
Removed debug code. Stable {msvc-9.0, partly congcc-4.3-a7}
21:24 Changeset [51022] by fmhess
Updated reference documentation to reflect changes to …
21:01 Changeset [51021] by jewillco
Added ability to check whether an element is in the heap, and do …
20:58 Changeset [51020] by jewillco
Changed to two_bit_color_map by default
20:57 Changeset [51019] by jewillco
Default color map to white, and fixed some warnings
20:07 Changeset [51018] by joaquin
merged rev. 50974 from trunk
19:45 Changeset [51017] by loonycyborg
Made use of command-line construction variables. Added boost-specific help …
19:37 Changeset [51016] by jofaber
Added tests, refactored. Added tests for quantifiers. Faster version of …
19:32 Changeset [51015] by jewillco
Trying to fix another qcc problem
19:28 Changeset [51014] by jewillco
Fixed qcc errors
19:14 Changeset [51013] by jhunold
Apply patch from Alexey Pakhunov for improved msvc assembler support. …
18:58 Ticket #2724 (extended_type_info_arg constructor calls base constructor with wrong ...) closed by ramey
18:06 Ticket #2727 (program_options ill behaviour with unrecognized options) created by sebastian.weber@…
Hi! There is an inconsistency in the handling of unrecognized tokens when …
17:24 Ticket #2726 (better control over error-handling in Accumulators) created by eric_niebler
Ticket #2671 describes a scenario where accumulators causes an integral …
17:20 Changeset [51012] by srajko
removed guigl_binding feature, the default use-window-manager is now none, …
17:13 Ticket #2671 (Calculation overflow for the 4th moment) closed by eric_niebler
wontfix: The moment returns a double even for integral sample types because of the …
16:21 Changeset [51011] by fmhess
Tweaked conversion operator of postconstruct_invoker.
15:53 Changeset [51010] by johnmaddock
Fix broken links.
15:52 Changeset [51009] by johnmaddock
Fix broken links.
15:10 Ticket #2725 (boost::filesystem::exists throws on Windows if the drive letter doesn't ...) created by davidjward30@…
boost::filesystem::exists throws on Windows if the drive letter doesn't …
12:39 Changeset [51008] by loonycyborg
Added aliases to request building of only particular libs, e.g. "scons …
07:47 Changeset [51007] by vladimir_prus
Avoid duplicate target error when using <embed-manifest>off. Patch from …
07:18 LibrariesUnderConstruction edited by viboes
Change link to Algorithm.Sorting (diff)
06:46 Changeset [51006] by chris_kohlhoff
Add missing #include <iostream>.
06:45 Changeset [51005] by chris_kohlhoff
Add missing #include <iostream>.
06:22 Changeset [51004] by chris_kohlhoff
Merged revisions 50943-50950,50961-50964,50987 via svnmerge from …
03:03 Ticket #2543 (path.hpp:947: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer ...) reopened by basilevs@…
I'm using: boost 1.37 mingw with gcc 1.34 stlport 5.2.1 All these errors …
01:19 Ticket #2724 (extended_type_info_arg constructor calls base constructor with wrong ...) created by kab@…
In the file libs/serialization/src/extended_type_info.cpp, the constructor …
00:01 Changeset [51003] by drrngrvy
Updating Jamfile.


23:48 Changeset [51002] by drrngrvy
Adding cookie_game2 folder.
23:44 Changeset [51001] by drrngrvy
* Adding get_value utility function. * Adding aCGI Cookie Game example …
22:09 Changeset [51000] by loonycyborg
Added support for debug/release and static/dynamic build variants.
21:48 Ticket #2446 (_set_se_translator() requires /EHa) closed by steven_watanabe
fixed: (In [50999]) Add <async-exceptions>on. Fixes #2446
21:47 Changeset [50999] by steven_watanabe
Add <async-exceptions>on. Fixes #2446
19:19 Changeset [50998] by fmhess
Added a missing forward declaration.
19:19 Ticket #2673 (inversive_congruential validation) closed by steven_watanabe
fixed: (In [50997]) Make validation a static member function. Fixes #2673
19:18 Changeset [50997] by steven_watanabe
Make validation a static member function. Fixes #2673
18:55 Ticket #2723 (mpi doc bug: Non-default arguments for running regression tests through ...) created by pete@…
Docs say: "The (optional) fourth argument configures Boost.MPI for …
18:36 Ticket #2722 (When using Boost Interprocess on Windows with Visual C++ Language ...) created by derek.kivi@…
We are using the Interprocess library to make use of shared memory within …
18:12 Changeset [50996] by igaztanaga
Fixed bug that releases memory before calling the destructor
18:11 Changeset [50995] by drrngrvy
Fix for linux.
17:17 Changeset [50994] by johnmaddock
Fix XML parser to handle <?...?> processing instructions. Add prefix= …
16:33 Changeset [50993] by srajko
adding guigl docs
15:33 Changeset [50992] by loonycyborg
Added vim modelines to SConscript files.
14:16 Ticket #2721 (shadow warnings in archive/text_iarchive.hpp) created by david frink <david.frink@…>
The simple code: […] When compiled using: […] Generates shadow …
14:08 Changeset [50991] by loonycyborg
Added BoostLibrary? wrapper method and made use of it.
13:56 Ticket #2720 (shadow warnings in archive/text_oarchive.hpp) created by david frink <david.frink@…>
The simple code {{ #include <boost/archive/text_oarchive.hpp> }} Compiled …
13:50 Ticket #2719 (shadow warnings in serialization/nvp.hpp) created by david frink <david.frink@…>
One-line test program: […] Compiled like so: […] Causes the …
13:06 Changeset [50990] by johnmaddock
Clear up text.
13:00 Changeset [50989] by loonycyborg
Initial commit of the scons script. For now builds only static libs, no …
12:42 Changeset [50988] by loonycyborg
Created the branch for developing the SCons script.
11:00 Changeset [50987] by chris_kohlhoff
Fix generated documentation where the overloads of a function have …
09:47 Ticket #2541 (Asio not working on windows due to QueueUserAPC missing in global ...) closed by Stephan Menzel <stephan.menzel@…>
fixed: OMG, should've known. Works, thank you very much and sorry for the …
09:14 Ticket #2718 (local_date_time noticeably faster than ptime) created by oneill1979
We noticed recently that using a local_date_time in tight loops was …
08:59 Ticket #2541 (Asio not working on windows due to QueueUserAPC missing in global ...) reopened by Stephan Menzel <stephan.menzel@…>
Hi Chris, I'm not sure it's that easy. _WIN32_WINNT is set here in the …
00:42 Changeset [50986] by drrngrvy
Updating Jamfile for DebugServer2
00:35 Changeset [50985] by drrngrvy
svn props
00:31 Changeset [50984] by drrngrvy
* Saving the final 'toggle' in, eg. /path/to/script?foo=bar&toggle * …
00:13 Changeset [50983] by srajko
added window manager files to msvc examples


23:53 Changeset [50982] by drrngrvy
Fixes for Ubuntu (tested 8.04 64bit)
23:46 Changeset [50981] by srajko
added use-window-manager feature
23:43 Changeset [50980] by drrngrvy
Bug fixes.
23:02 Changeset [50979] by srajko
creating guigl-wmbuild branch
22:46 Changeset [50978] by drrngrvy
Keeping empty query string variables. Adding configuration point …
22:40 Changeset [50977] by danieljames
Update the summary list of updated libraries.
22:40 Changeset [50976] by danieljames
Add note about subversion properties.
22:40 Changeset [50975] by danieljames
Finish off the test compiler list, and split them into operating systems, …
20:26 Ticket #2717 (BOOST_<level>_EQUAL_COLLECTION docs typo) created by Sean Bartell <wingedtachikoma@…>
BOOST_<level>_EQUAL_COLLECTION is listed in the Boost.Test docs, but the …
19:50 Changeset [50974] by joaquin
added missing std::
19:48 Changeset [50973] by fmhess
Added new examples showing the use of postconstructors, predestructors, …
19:48 Changeset [50972] by fmhess
Got rid of View base class.
19:27 Ticket #2716 (thread issues building boost) created by monte.jones.ctr@…
When attempting to build boost on SUN SPARC III, with Solaris 10, I am …
19:00 Changeset [50971] by fmhess
Slightly simplified document-view example.
17:53 Changeset [50970] by jewillco
Fixed broken link
17:43 Ticket #2715 (Boost thread fails to compile on Solaris) closed by anonymous
fixed: Yes, the fix is on release branch.
17:06 Changeset [50969] by johnmaddock
Update instructions, tweak Jamfile.v2.
16:51 Changeset [50968] by fmhess
Fixed return type for 0 argument and variadic deconstruct overloads.
16:11 Changeset [50967] by dgregor
Added proposed wording for the language changes
15:58 Ticket #2715 (Boost thread fails to compile on Solaris) created by merijn.vogel@…
While building, boost forgets to set -pthreads as compile option, causing …
15:51 Ticket #2714 (Getting Started guide refers to "undated information") created by Jonathan Wakely <jwakely.boost@…>
14:58 Changeset [50966] by garcia
RangeEx? has review dates.
14:50 Ticket #2713 (Crash in perl_matcher::match_all_states() method - race condition) created by lang@…
In file perl_matcher_non_recursive.hpp is method …
14:20 Ticket #2690 (array.hpp line 289 missing parameter) closed by anonymous
invalid: Thank you Steve. I now have Boost 1.37.0 built and working on our sun …
12:57 Ticket #2712 (Quickbook uses article title rather than article id for links) created by pbristow
This Quickbook with a long title but short id [article Title of test of …
11:54 Changeset [50965] by johnmaddock
Update TODO list and revision history.
11:28 Ticket #2711 (Quickbook produces invalid document info.) created by danieljames
dirname should only be included for libraries. I think the title should …
10:52 Ticket #2710 (Missing/faulty documentation for date_period::expand) created by anonymous
From …
09:49 Ticket #2709 (operator- is called subtraction) created by anonymous
In http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_37_0/doc/html/date_time/gregorian.html
09:37 Changeset [50964] by chris_kohlhoff
Update asio version number.
09:36 Changeset [50963] by chris_kohlhoff
Use the workaround syntax for specifying a return type with boost::bind. …
09:32 Ticket #2708 (End of February 2000 is the 29.) created by anonymous
According to …
07:06 Changeset [50962] by chris_kohlhoff
Add link to asio wiki.
06:19 Ticket #2683 (eventfd_select_interrupter: Function not implemented) closed by chris_kohlhoff
fixed: (In [50961]) Use a pipe if eventfd is not supported at runtime. Fixes …
06:18 Changeset [50961] by chris_kohlhoff
Use a pipe if eventfd is not supported at runtime. Fixes #2683.
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