03:30 Ticket #4294 (boost::asio::context_base should not depend on OpenSSL Types) created by ecyrbe <ecyrbe@…>
For the moment boost::asio::context_base depends on OpenSSL types. But …
00:26 Changeset [62421] by smcmurray
hash: change the namespace to boost::hashes to avoid a name collision with …


23:51 Changeset [62420] by bemandawes
Simply macro configuration for deprecated names, features. Make more …
22:40 Changeset [62419] by bschaeling
First quick review (updated copyright notes and reformatted some parts of …
22:20 Changeset [62418] by chenry
bug fix (wrong source/target using Internal<>)
20:25 Changeset [62417] by murilov
Changed the file utils.hpp to bit_utils.hpp Changed the name of is_bit_set …
20:01 Ticket #4291 (include protection incomplete in foreach.hpp) closed by eric_niebler
invalid: You must not have looked very hard if you think that foreach.hpp doesn't …
19:33 Ticket #4293 (missing include guard in boost/config/posix_features.hpp) created by Manfred Weis <manfredweis@…>
mujltiple inclusion of posix_features.hpp could result in the redefinition …
19:26 Changeset [62416] by murilov
Some cosmetic changes
19:07 Ticket #4292 (Planar graph coloring algorithm) created by Mike Douglass
A simple alternating chain algorithm for four coloring planar graphs. The …
18:59 Changeset [62415] by steven_watanabe
Make sure that we test for cygwin vs. windows xsltproc even if there is no …
18:44 Ticket #4291 (include protection incomplete in foreach.hpp) created by Manfred Weis <manfredweis@…>
foreach.hpp only checks #ifndef BOOST_FOREACH but does not #define …
18:36 Ticket #4290 (missing include protection in function.hpp) created by Manfred Weis <manfredweis@…>
function.hpp consists only of other #include(s) and thus doesn't need …
18:23 Ticket #4289 (missing include protection in signals2.hpp) created by Manfred Weis <manfredweis@…>
signals2.hpp consists only of other #include(s) and thus doesn't need …
18:18 Ticket #4288 (missing include protection in boost/smart_ptr.hpp) created by Manfred Weis <manfredweis@…>
smart_ptr.hpp consists only of other #include(s) and thus doesn't need …
17:59 Ticket #4287 (harmonize include protection style) created by Manfred Weis <manfredweis@…>
there are different styles of encoding filenames in use in include …
17:50 Changeset [62414] by murilov
Deleted some files wich are no longer needed.
17:45 Changeset [62413] by drrngrvy
* Removed request_service_impl from protocol_traits<>. * Renamed …
17:26 Changeset [62412] by drrngrvy
* Refactoring traits classes to remove some cruft. Further work required …
16:18 Ticket #4286 (regex - making a pointer to an invalid dereferenced iterator.) created by CharlesPenny@…
in function w32_transform in libs/regex/src/w32_regex_traits.cpp …
16:17 Changeset [62411] by bbartman
renaming files for clairity
16:16 Changeset [62410] by cschmidt
VC10 fixes
16:16 Changeset [62409] by bbartman
created basic layout for other mask types.
16:11 Changeset [62408] by bbartman
adding other files for documentation. Still have other bit masks and …
16:09 Changeset [62407] by bbartman
completed first draft of documentation for integral_mask type
15:47 Ticket #4285 (graph_traits.hpp wrong description in doxygen comment) closed by jewillco
fixed: (In [62406]) Fixed comment; fixes #4285
15:46 Changeset [62406] by jewillco
Fixed comment; fixes #4285
15:46 Ticket #4284 (missing include protection in boost/graph/read_dimacs.hpp) closed by jewillco
fixed: (In [62405]) Added include guard; fixes #4284
15:46 Changeset [62405] by jewillco
Added include guard; fixes #4284
15:46 Changeset [62404] by jewillco
Fixed warnings about ambiguous else clauses
15:29 Changeset [62403] by steven_watanabe
Try to make sure that the paths for xsltproc are correct for a cygwin …
15:13 Changeset [62402] by bbartman
working on integral_mask docuentation
15:12 Changeset [62401] by bbartman
working on integral_mask docuentation
14:36 Changeset [62400] by bbartman
addint template parameter descriptions to my documentation
14:22 Changeset [62399] by bbartman
working on documentation
10:39 Ticket #4285 (graph_traits.hpp wrong description in doxygen comment) created by Manfred Weis <manfredweis@…>
/ Return false if the given graph is undirected. */ template …
10:21 Ticket #4284 (missing include protection in boost/graph/read_dimacs.hpp) created by Manfred Weis <manfredweis@…>
when including <boost/graph/read_dimacs.hpp> multiple times, the compiler …
08:29 Ticket #4281 (BOOST_FUSION_DEFINE_TPL_STRUCT mismatch between doc and ...) closed by cschmidt
fixed: (In [62398]) documentation update - fixes #4281
08:29 Changeset [62398] by cschmidt
documentation update - fixes #4281
08:18 Ticket #4283 (Missing doygen features in boost book) created by jensen.bo@…
1) Doxygen commands like @see seem to be ignored, doxygen generates : …
04:16 Changeset [62397] by chadnelson
Adding documentation files that were previously ignored.
04:10 Changeset [62396] by chadnelson
Modified files to make documentation easier to read. Also changed many …
00:50 Changeset [62395] by bbartman
missnamed a file fixing it


21:35 Changeset [62394] by murilov
Moved the implementations file from boost/integer/detail to boost/integer. …
21:15 Changeset [62393] by bbartman
documentation system is now working and I have begun the task of …
20:35 Changeset [62392] by bbartman
adding integral mask documentation file to subversion
20:00 Changeset [62391] by bbartman
working on creating documentation for my project
19:51 Changeset [62390] by bbartman
removing old integer.qbk file i was using as an example
19:50 Changeset [62389] by bbartman
adding a file for documentation
19:48 Changeset [62388] by bbartman
adding a file for documentation
19:07 Changeset [62387] by chadnelson
Corrected a bug relating to copying different types of integers (they …
18:42 Changeset [62386] by ramey
Added missing new test tweaked plugin test for windows
17:55 References edited by viboes
Added "The Safe Bool Idiom" (diff)
17:53 References edited by viboes
Added "A Deeper Look at Metafunctions" (diff)
17:40 Changeset [62385] by murilov
Added a constraint is_integral for the static_bit_reversal template …
17:20 Changeset [62384] by ljsimons
adding entry for polygon
16:26 References edited by viboes
Addes Electronic Journals + Blogs (diff)
16:15 References edited by viboes
More papers on C++ (diff)
16:09 References created by viboes
Added references to some books and articles
16:05 Ticket #4279 (boost value_initialized and memset) closed by steven_watanabe
wontfix: Why do you need to /guarantee/ that memset won't be called? The only …
15:56 WikiStart edited by viboes
Added references pointer (diff)
15:45 Changeset [62383] by ljsimons
adding entry for polygon library
15:31 Changeset [62382] by ljsimons
15:16 Changeset [62381] by pbristow
Corrected graphs for support from 0 (not 1) so start at origin. Both svg …
14:52 Ticket #4273 (Rayleigh distribution in boost::math has wrong support) closed by anonymous
fixed: Corrected in trunk At revision: 62380 (Alternatively you could locally …
14:49 Changeset [62380] by pbristow
Corrected support minimum to 0 (was 1).
14:30 Changeset [62379] by bemandawes
Merge all config diffs from trunk
13:57 Changeset [62378] by bemandawes
Add merge2release.bat
12:12 Changeset [62377] by bemandawes
Add bash scripts to change versions
10:53 Ticket #4282 (Please add BOOST_ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN to rethrow_exception()) created by Gevorg Voskanyan <v_gevorg@…>
That will make some compilers happier. Thank you.
10:14 Ticket #4281 (BOOST_FUSION_DEFINE_TPL_STRUCT mismatch between doc and ...) created by Gevorg Voskanyan <v_gevorg@…>
The documentation page for BOOST_FUSION_DEFINE_TPL_STRUCT suggests to …
08:51 Ticket #4280 (Cannot get array type from boost::array) created by anonymous
There is no function to get array from the boost::array. c_array returns …
08:08 Changeset [62376] by david.bellot
Added triangular. Reshaped banded
07:51 Ticket #4279 (boost value_initialized and memset) created by anonymous
There is a need for two version of this class. First version is the same …
07:24 Ticket #4278 (spirit::qi and json_parser headers conflict) created by Artem Kozlov <akz328@…>
When attempting to compile a program that includes the following headers …
04:01 Changeset [62375] by eric_niebler
Merged revisions 62373 via svnmerge from …
03:53 Changeset [62374] by chhenning
Fixing potential compilation errors with newer and more standard …
03:46 Changeset [62373] by eric_niebler
work around msvc-7.1 bug


22:13 Changeset [62372] by eric_niebler
use generators directly instead of relying on the domain to inherit from …
22:10 Changeset [62371] by eric_niebler
fix one return type missed by [62368]
16:47 Changeset [62370] by david.bellot
added doxy config
14:38 Changeset [62369] by bemandawes
Add docs and scripts for dual version support.
14:38 Ticket #4277 (Ease access to underlying singleton_pool) created by Henning.Stroeker@…
It is not convenient to call singleton_pool<...>::release_memory() if …
14:18 Changeset [62368] by eric_niebler
use boost::tr1_result_of to avoid problems with boost::result_of and …
12:15 Ticket #4276 (warning "type qualifiers ignored on function return type" in ptr_map) created by boris.bigott@…
The following program compiled with gcc using options -W and -Wall spits …
11:46 Changeset [62367] by david.bellot
hermitian matrix done
08:24 Changeset [62366] by david.bellot
doc for mapped_matrix. Thanks Gunter
07:17 Ticket #4275 (Documentation error Boost.Test) created by Leon Mergen <leon@…>
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