18:14 Changeset [71908] by chenry
replaced const's by static's
17:03 Changeset [71907] by eldiener
Fixed bug and updated tests.
16:34 Changeset [71906] by viboes
Added some tests using the new functions discusses on the ML
16:33 Changeset [71905] by viboes
Added some new functions discusses on the ML
16:26 Changeset [71904] by igaztanaga
Added static assert to assure allocator value type is the same as …
13:36 Changeset [71903] by pbouchard
* Proper destruction of block_header
13:30 Changeset [71902] by lcaminiti
Fixed docs.
13:21 Ticket #5536 (lexical_cast html documentation improvements) closed by apolukhin
fixed: (In [71901]) FIx #5536
13:21 Changeset [71901] by apolukhin
FIx #5536
13:19 Ticket #5536 (lexical_cast html documentation improvements) created by apolukhin
Must be done some improvements: 1) License must be added 2) …
12:04 Changeset [71900] by lcaminiti
Added a few docs html files.
12:01 Changeset [71899] by lcaminiti
Added typed bind examples.
11:58 Changeset [71898] by lcaminiti
Added typed bind to src.
11:57 Changeset [71897] by lcaminiti
Added overloading and typed bind to docs.
11:53 Changeset [71896] by theller
[phoenix] - parallel_for example simplification
11:26 Changeset [71895] by garcia
Added Network Library to the review schedule.
11:17 Changeset [71894] by eldiener
Updated tests.
10:43 Changeset [71893] by fmhess
10:41 Changeset [71892] by fmhess
Fix warnings about empty macro arguments with gcc 4.4 -pedantic.
10:13 Changeset [71891] by theller
[phoenix] - Fixed Warning in as_actor::convert
10:11 Changeset [71890] by fmhess
Use BOOST_PP_EMPTY for empty macro argument.
09:29 Changeset [71889] by fmhess
Whitespace indentation fix.
09:26 Changeset [71888] by fmhess
Declare assignment operator of slot_invoker private.
08:54 Ticket #5535 (Assert after reloading multiple times a .so linked with the static build ...) created by sorin.fetche@…
The attached test program shows that after a few hundred reloads of a …
08:17 Changeset [71887] by johnmaddock
Rename to all lower case.
08:12 Changeset [71886] by johnmaddock
Document e_float support.
07:39 Ticket #5534 (bootstrapping boost-build on windows fails to install boost-build examples) created by mhassert@…
bootstrapping the current boost-build (svn rev. 71622) on windows and …
06:49 Ticket #5533 (BOOST_MPL_CFG_NO_PREPROCESSED_HEADERS redefined) created by y.kurganov@…
/opt/drweb/include/boost/146/boost/msm/back/state_machine.hpp:20: warning: …
06:30 Ticket #5532 (qt4 MOCCABLE_H 's target type is wrong) created by manjian2006@…
At qt4.jam:224 , which reads generators.register [ new …
04:17 Changeset [71885] by mariomulansky
fixed free mem bug


21:50 Changeset [71884] by garcia
Endian Library has been scheduled.
19:45 Changeset [71883] by danieljames
Website: Remove the dev branch.
19:29 Changeset [71882] by danieljames
Boostbook: merge from trunk. - Handle more doxygen: \see, tparam, ref …
17:59 Changeset [71881] by chenry
reintegrated phoenix support branch
17:15 Changeset [71880] by awulkiew
rstar partially implemented
17:01 Changeset [71879] by chenry
bugfix: wrong event in on_entry of direct entry state. See: [MSM] event …
16:47 Changeset [71878] by eldiener
Added test header files and included one of them.
15:38 Ticket #5531 (MPI-autodetection on Windows does not support MS-MPI v2) created by Christian Terboven <christian@…>
Hi there. MPI-autodetection (in mpi.jam) on Windows only looks for MS-MPI …
14:46 Changeset [71877] by garcia
Conversion review has been rescheduled.
14:29 Changeset [71876] by chenry
added missing const
14:21 Changeset [71875] by theller
[phoenix] - little tweak in the invert example
14:19 Changeset [71874] by theller
[phoenix] - some tweaking in the pre-preprocessed files - …
14:17 Changeset [71873] by eldiener
Updated source and adding jamfiles
14:13 Changeset [71872] by garcia
11:10 Changeset [71871] by mariomulansky
reorganized test cases performance tests are killing me!!! it seems we get …
10:45 Changeset [71870] by theller
[phoenix] fixed factorial example
06:38 Ticket #5530 (indexed.cpp example does not compile) created by Nicolas Kaiser <nikai@…>
Typo: square instead of curly bracket.
06:00 Changeset [71869] by karsten
some updated results
04:43 Ticket #5529 (Problem with boost::filesystem::path) created by Leo Carreon <lcarreon@…>
Hi, I upgraded my Boost libraries from version 1.45.0 to 1.46.1 and now …
02:52 Changeset [71868] by karsten
performance test for taylor v4
02:36 Changeset [71867] by karsten
some performance results from my laptop


21:02 Changeset [71866] by djowel
provided printing for nil
16:43 Changeset [71865] by chenry
added missing const
16:31 Changeset [71864] by barendgehrels
Bugfix, now understand enum template parameters
14:44 Changeset [71863] by danieljames
Iostreams: merge documentation fixes.
14:39 Changeset [71862] by danieljames
Quickbook: merge to release. Includes: - Detemplate syntax highlighter. …
13:38 Ticket #4391 (uninitialized data warning) reopened by Larry Lewis <lewislp@…>
13:26 Changeset [71861] by barendgehrels
Fixed box_view copy, added order traits function and corresponding unit …
12:04 Changeset [71860] by garcia
Conversion library now has a review manager and has been scheduled.
05:40 Ticket #5528 (Error in documentation of boost iostreams) closed by anonymous
duplicate: Duplicate of #5338.
04:31 Ticket #5528 (Error in documentation of boost iostreams) created by anonymous
There's an error in boost iostreams documentation when it comes to …
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