00:13 Ticket #6259 (Misprint in boost::spirit documentation) closed by anonymous
00:12 Changeset [75931] by djowel
fixes Ticket #6259
00:11 Changeset [75930] by steven_watanabe
Remove out of date comment.
00:03 Changeset [75929] by steven_watanabe
Restore the original BACKTRACE behavior that I inadvertently changed.


23:07 Changeset [75928] by danieljames
boostbook-base-style feature for boostbook.
23:03 Changeset [75927] by danieljames
Iostreams: Rename check to avoid apple macro. Safe to rename this one …
23:02 Changeset [75926] by danieljames
Quickbook: Restore quickbook toolset. So that it can be used with older …
22:52 Ticket #5844 (read_write_mutex.cpp: suffers race condition) closed by viboes
invalid: Reopen it once you have clarified the file.
22:45 Ticket #5921 (MingW Boost linking) closed by viboes
22:33 Changeset [75925] by steven_watanabe
Make sure that the target cleaned is the same as the target to be built. …
22:14 Changeset [75924] by viboes
Chrono: Added 1.2.1-1.49 fixes history
22:13 Changeset [75923] by viboes
Chrono: Added 1.2.1-1.49 fixes history
21:49 Changeset [75922] by viboes
Chrono: #6243 Sandia-pgi-11.9: moren than one instance of overloaded …
20:26 Ticket #6259 (Misprint in boost::spirit documentation) created by Filippov Aleksey <sarum9in@…>
20:05 Ticket #6258 (seed_rng.hpp has errors in clang++ 3.0 c++11 (Fix included)) created by calfeld@…
At line 142 (sha_random_digest_()), rn is n array of unsigned ints with an …
18:09 Changeset [75921] by apolukhin
Fixes #6186 test failures
18:00 Changeset [75920] by viboes
Chrono: process_cpu_clock::now() on linux gives time_points 1/1000 times
17:54 Ticket #6257 (process_cpu_clock::now() on linux gives time_points 1/1000 times) created by viboes
Same issue than Ticket #5909
17:48 Ticket #6256 (Missing "return" statement in slice::get_indicies) closed by anonymous
fixed: Sorry for this oversight. Fixed now in both the trunk (r75918) and the …
17:46 Changeset [75919] by rwgk
merging current boost/python and libs/python from trunk into release …
17:28 Changeset [75918] by rwgk
boost/python/slice.hpp: bug fix (track #6256)
15:42 Changeset [75917] by garcia
Local has been accepted.
14:01 Ticket #6256 (Missing "return" statement in slice::get_indicies) created by wainer.vandelli@…
The implementation of boost::python::slice::get_indicies in 1.48.0 always …
13:37 Changeset [75916] by hkaiser
Spirit: making sure qi::attr is in the documentation index
12:52 Changeset [75915] by pmenso57
pp-lib variadic changes merged to release branch
07:01 Changeset [75914] by rwgk
libs/mpi/src/python/py_nonblocking.cpp: resolving ticket #6123
02:43 Ticket #6255 (when define an array, the dimension can be a variable) closed by steven_watanabe
invalid: This has nothing to do with Boost.
02:41 Ticket #6255 (when define an array, the dimension can be a variable) created by ryan.kang@…
int main() { int b = 10; int array[b]; array[0] = 100; b = …
02:07 Changeset [75913] by steven_watanabe
Fix memory leak.
02:02 Changeset [75912] by steven_watanabe
Clean up the evil 'variables of the running module are swapped with the …
00:59 Changeset [75911] by steven_watanabe
Fix action printing on failure.
00:48 Ticket #6253 (lex::lexertl::generate_static_dfa compiler errors if lexer has wchar_t as ...) closed by hkaiser
fixed: (In [75910]) Spirit: fixed #6253: lex::lexertl::generate_static_dfa …
00:48 Changeset [75910] by hkaiser
Spirit: fixed #6253: lex::lexertl::generate_static_dfa compiler errors if …


23:08 Ticket #6254 (segmentation fault when different signals call each other) closed by steven_watanabe
invalid: Inifinite recursion always overflows the stack. You don't even need to …
22:18 Ticket #6254 (segmentation fault when different signals call each other) created by Juan.Arrieta@…
I was playing around with boost/signal and I came up with the following …
21:43 Ticket #6139 (error: "BOOST_CLANG" is not defined) closed by danieljames
fixed: (In [75909]) Unordered: Fix complex type for gcc's standard library. …
21:43 Changeset [75909] by danieljames
Unordered: Fix complex type for gcc's standard library. Fixes #6139. I …
21:39 Changeset [75908] by danieljames
Unordered: merge from trunk.
21:36 Changeset [75907] by danieljames
Unordered: Change log for fairly minor changes.
21:09 Changeset [75906] by jewillco
Added another copy_graph hack for transpose_graph
19:32 Ticket #6253 (lex::lexertl::generate_static_dfa compiler errors if lexer has wchar_t as ...) created by Ryan Molden <ryanmolden@…>
Try and compile the following code, you will get compiler errors because …
18:16 Changeset [75905] by viboes
Thread: #4921 BOOST_THREAD_USE_DLL and BOOST_THREAD_USE_LIB are crucial …
18:12 Changeset [75904] by viboes
Thread: #5013 - documentation: boost::thread: pthreas_exit causes …
15:43 Changeset [75903] by viboes
Thread: #5594 boost::shared_mutex not fully compatible with Windows CE.
15:22 Ticket #5610 (boost.thread doesn't build for mingw64 target.) closed by viboes
fixed: Closed as suggested. Could someone add what was done to solve this issue? …
15:13 Ticket #6214 (compile fix) closed by tim@…
fixed: applied to trunk
14:30 Changeset [75902] by timblechmann
parameter: access enable_if via namespace boost
13:32 Changeset [75901] by viboes
Thread: #5040 future.hpp in boost::thread does not compile with /clr
12:53 Ticket #6252 (mingw gcc-4.5.0 compiler error : undeclared swprintf) created by viboes
12:50 Ticket #6251 (mingw gcc-4.5.0 compiler error: Undeclared swprintf) created by viboes
11:49 Changeset [75900] by vladimir_prus
Initial port of boostcpp.jam
11:34 Changeset [75899] by lcaminiti
Upd docs.
11:28 Changeset [75898] by danieljames
Quickbook: Fix some errors in 1.7 docs.
11:16 Changeset [75897] by danieljames
Quickbook: Code block callouts.
11:15 Changeset [75896] by danieljames
Quickbook: Stateful actions class for syntax highlighter.
11:14 Changeset [75895] by danieljames
Quickbook: Support single entity source mode marker.
11:13 Changeset [75894] by danieljames
Quickbook: Use values for code blocks. Also better error report for …
11:12 Changeset [75893] by danieljames
Quickbook: Rejig path interpretation for include/import/xinclude. I'd …
11:11 Changeset [75892] by danieljames
Quickbook: Use 1.7 for everything on dev branch. Might promote them to …
09:49 Ticket #6148 (MinGW : Boost.Thread defaults to DLL linkage) closed by viboes
duplicate: I don't know which should be the default, and this must documented. I …
07:19 Changeset [75891] by jewillco
Fixed copying of reverse_graphs to compensate for new …
05:11 Changeset [75890] by steven_watanabe
Replace all calls to object_new with a literal with constants.
02:06 Ticket #4639 (boost thread library leaks pthread_key) closed by viboes
duplicate: Even if the problem doesn't manifest in the same way, it seems the …
01:55 Changeset [75889] by steven_watanabe
Eliminate the last uses of var_expand and remove it.


22:15 Ticket #6250 (allow sorting through an adaptor) created by giecrilj@…
The following code does not compile because the transform adaptor offers a …
20:56 Changeset [75888] by steven_watanabe
Fix the option rule.
20:31 Changeset [75887] by steven_watanabe
Handle paths beginning with '\' on NT.
14:59 Changeset [75886] by viboes
Thread: Fix auto_ptr error
14:51 Changeset [75885] by viboes
Thread: Fix typo
11:56 Changeset [75884] by viboes
Thread: Added compliance matrix
11:54 Changeset [75883] by viboes
Thread: update fixed tickets for 1.49
10:55 Changeset [75882] by viboes
Thread: #6200-mutex error better handle EINTR
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