22:59 Ticket #6533 (Can't use map with incomplete type and interprocess allocator) created by Erik Jensen <Erik.Jensen@…>
A boost::container::map using boost::interprocess::allocator cannot be …
22:09 Changeset [76948] by lcaminiti
Upd copyrights.
21:46 Changeset [76947] by lcaminiti
Upd copyright info.
21:42 Changeset [76946] by lcaminiti
Added home page comment to all files.
20:53 Changeset [76945] by ramey
some tests included <limits> rather than <boost/limits.hpp> This made …
20:53 Changeset [76944] by danieljames
Merge maintainers.txt
20:48 Ticket #6522 (boost::unordered not defined warnings on GCC / OS X) closed by danieljames
fixed: (In [76943]) Unordered: Merge to release. Fixes #6522. Fixes undefined …
20:48 Changeset [76943] by danieljames
Unordered: Merge to release. Fixes #6522. Fixes undefined macros, removes …
20:45 Changeset [76942] by danieljames
Iostreams: Merge doc fixes to release. Refs #6530.
20:42 Changeset [76941] by danieljames
Iostreams: Fix typos in comments. Refs #6530.
20:40 Changeset [76940] by danieljames
Iostreams. Documentation fixes. Refs #6530. Thanks to Steven Samuel Cole.
19:56 Changeset [76939] by chenry
fixed warning
18:52 Changeset [76938] by timblechmann
heap: merge fix from trunk
18:39 Changeset [76937] by timblechmann
heap: fix typo in documentation
17:35 Ticket #5640 (serialization vector backward compatibility problem) reopened by ramey
I don't think this has anything to do with MPI. I also don't think it's …
17:20 Changeset [76936] by apolukhin
Commited sources of performance testing program and Jamfile.v2 to build …
17:12 Changeset [76935] by bensobotta
Many constants have been substituted with the newly added in trunk. Did …
14:52 Changeset [76934] by trademark
Change translate_to_valid_value to std::size_t convert(const value_type& …
14:16 Changeset [76933] by trademark
Change filter_valid_value_with_pos prototype which is now bool …
14:14 Changeset [76932] by danieljames
Website: Fix release redirect.
13:24 Ticket #6532 (KeyError: 'attachment') created by Trvus549@…
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a POST operation on …
11:35 Ticket #6531 (error in doc: interprocess/synchronization_mechanisms) created by anonymous
http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_48_0/doc/html/interprocess/synchronization_ …
10:48 Ticket #6530 ([iostreams]: typos in comments and documentation, part 1) created by Steven Samuel Cole <steven.samuel.cole@…>
First boost bug report, so please bear with me... There are a number of …
09:52 Changeset [76931] by asydorchuk
Fixing gcc errors.
06:17 Changeset [76930] by djowel
Support for BOOST_SPIRIT_AUTO and qi::copy.
06:13 Changeset [76929] by djowel
Support for BOOST_SPIRIT_AUTO and qi::copy.
06:12 Changeset [76928] by djowel
Support for BOOST_SPIRIT_AUTO and qi::copy.


23:16 Changeset [76927] by asydorchuk
Minor line width refactoring for public classes.
22:50 Changeset [76926] by asydorchuk
Adding automatic adjustment of the coordinates for voronoi visualizer to …
22:30 Changeset [76925] by asydorchuk
Removing ULPS static constants (using enumerators constants).
22:12 Changeset [76924] by lcaminiti
Adding docs.
22:10 Changeset [76923] by lcaminiti
Adding docs.
22:09 Changeset [76922] by lcaminiti
Adding docs.
22:06 Changeset [76921] by lcaminiti
Adding docs.
22:04 Changeset [76920] by lcaminiti
Adding docs.
21:59 Changeset [76919] by lcaminiti
Refreshing docs.
21:55 Changeset [76918] by lcaminiti
Running Boost's inspect.
21:19 Ticket #6529 (Build process ignores --with-icu path on some icu tests?) created by hashashin@…
When bootstrap.sh --with-icu=/usr/local/Cellar/icu4c/, I get in the …
20:53 Changeset [76917] by barendgehrels
Belongs to last commit, second call to throw (not warned by by MSVC...)
20:50 Changeset [76916] by barendgehrels
Commented throw_on_empty_input for area, length, perimeter (but not for …
19:46 Changeset [76915] by barendgehrels
Updated various examples, fixing old paths, etc
19:43 Changeset [76914] by asydorchuk
Minor updater to voronoi structures and voronoi utils.
19:24 Changeset [76913] by christopher_kormanyos
- Cleaned up utility classes (mostly order of access controls).
18:41 Changeset [76912] by barendgehrels
Manually reversed move of cross_product.hpp from extensions and renamal of …
17:29 Changeset [76911] by trademark
Introduce the skipping predicate. bool skip(value_type value). We skip …
16:53 Changeset [76910] by trademark
Change the prototype of operate_on_valid_value become std::size_t …
15:42 Changeset [76909] by trademark
Remove int / unsigned int and use std::size_t, Remove default …
14:36 Changeset [76908] by trademark
Reverted to previous working version.
14:31 Changeset [76907] by trademark
commit for revert
11:41 Ticket #6528 (Potential vulnerability in programs recompiled for 64-bit platforms) created by econometrics@…
Default block size for the dynamic_bitset<> class on a 32bit platform is 4 …
05:15 Ticket #6527 (Segmentation fault from program_options with intel compiler and openmp) created by Ryan Scott Davis <rsdavis@…>
When using program_options to parse the command line, a segmentation fault …


23:21 Changeset [76906] by danieljames
Unordered: Remove unnecessary typename.
18:48 Changeset [76905] by barendgehrels
Merged libs/geometry fixes since 2011-01-15
18:47 Changeset [76904] by barendgehrels
Merged geometry fixes since 2011-01-15
17:35 Changeset [76903] by barendgehrels
Doc update
17:33 Changeset [76902] by barendgehrels
Added robustness check for convex hull, hull of random points + check on …
16:41 Ticket #6019 (Convex hull and Area, combined, sometimes give wrong result) closed by barendgehrels
fixed: OK, thanks for answering. There was indeed a problem if there were …
16:38 Changeset [76901] by barendgehrels
Removed one non-relevant test for convex_hull
16:20 Changeset [76900] by barendgehrels
Added several tests for ticket #6019, fixed now, and some other …
16:19 Changeset [76899] by barendgehrels
Fixed ticket #6019, when multiple points were on the left, the points …
16:17 Ticket #6526 (pop_front() and pop_back()) created by Olaf van der Spek <olafvdspek@…>
Could you add pop_front() and pop_back() to iterator_range?
15:36 Ticket #6525 (format atldbgmem.h m_storage VS2010) created by epodkopaev@…
Hi, Format component of Boost 1.48 doesn't compile with memory debugging …
14:29 Changeset [76898] by barendgehrels
Removed redundant test (also before #6019, fix will be committed later …
14:27 Changeset [76897] by barendgehrels
Removing old if-defined stuff before the fix of ticket #6019
11:35 Ticket #6524 (Better header segregation) created by andysem
Please, provide better segregated headers. Currently, including …
11:32 Changeset [76896] by barendgehrels
Fixed missing include for multi/append
11:18 Changeset [76895] by barendgehrels
cross_product.hpp which is now splitted into cross_product (the real) and …
11:09 Changeset [76894] by barendgehrels
Pending commits in unit tests
08:45 Changeset [76893] by danieljames
Unordered: Some C++11 allocator_traits fixes. Can now be used with g++ …
08:45 Changeset [76892] by danieljames
Unordered: Missing include in test header.
08:44 Changeset [76891] by danieljames
Unordered: Fix undefined macro warnings. Refs #6522. Just removing the rv …
08:00 Ticket #6523 (Tune lexical_cast for VC) created by apolukhin
Optimize lexical_cast code (std::locale usage) for VC
07:46 Ticket #6462 (lexical_cast fails on Linux with Sun CC) closed by apolukhin
fixed: Merged to release in r76887
04:19 Ticket #6522 (boost::unordered not defined warnings on GCC / OS X) created by Ben Brian <bb51@…>
Similar to #6142, we get the following warnings when including …
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