02:21 Changeset [77086] by lcaminiti
Fixed a bug that was not defining SCOPE_EXIT_ALL when …


23:49 Ticket #6585 (Multipoint syntax variant) created by aleksey.tulinov@…
Multipoint might be written in to variants: "MULTIPOINT ((10 40), (40 30), …
23:37 Ticket #6584 (Point to linestring distance calculation) created by aleksey.tulinov@…
distance() is using comparable distance for first segment and real …
23:20 Ticket #6583 (Dijkstra Visitor Concept docs probably show wrong type for variable) created by dbschuler@…
23:19 Ticket #6582 (Remove unused parameter warning in property tree json parser) created by JL <julio.lopez@…>
Using the property json parser, in particular …
21:47 Changeset [77085] by lcaminiti
Fixed all sequence syntax tests and examples and always compiling them …
21:46 Changeset [77084] by lcaminiti
Renamed add_params test to add_params_only (and updated docs).
20:54 Changeset [77083] by chris_kohlhoff
Add asio.
20:20 Changeset [77082] by lcaminiti
Added sequence syntax for a test.
20:18 Changeset [77081] by lcaminiti
Updated docs.
20:17 Changeset [77080] by lcaminiti
Fixed test indentation and updated docs.
20:11 Changeset [77079] by lcaminiti
Fixed test indentation and updated docs.
20:07 Changeset [77078] by lcaminiti
Added test for sequence syntax (to run with and without variadic macro …
16:20 Ticket #6441 (lexical_cast uses non existing std::basic_stringstream<char>::pptr when ...) closed by apolukhin
fixed: (In [77077]) Fixes #6441 (compilation error with BOOST_NO_STD_LOCALE …
16:20 Changeset [77077] by apolukhin
Fixes #6441 (compilation error with BOOST_NO_STD_LOCALE defined)
15:22 Changeset [77076] by marshall
Fix (even more) test failures in Boost.Algorithm
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21:16 Changeset [77075] by barendgehrels
Boost.Geometry buffer update (repairs linestring (partly))
20:06 Changeset [77074] by jewillco
Changed property map uses to not use operator[]
20:02 Ticket #6581 (Ordinal formatting does not work as documented) closed by artyom
invalid: Your code is wrong: Read: …
19:46 Ticket #6581 (Ordinal formatting does not work as documented) created by dtrebbien@…
The Boost.Locale page …
17:48 CMake edited by dave
17:48 CMake edited by dave
clarification of meaning of modularization (diff)
17:12 Ticket #6580 (problem with OpenMP > 1.3I and boost-mpi-python) created by anonymous
when installing with bjam and using openmpi for MPI, the bjam generated …
16:17 Changeset [77073] by marshall
Fix some test (more) failures in Boost.Algorithm
03:36 Changeset [77072] by lcaminiti
Added LocalFunction? tests to regression tests.
02:03 Ticket #6579 ("linked list" bug Boost.Concept_check documentation) created by anonymous
Right under the …


20:11 Ticket #6578 (Update noncopyable for C++11) created by dlwalker
Here's a quick update to boost::noncopyable for C++11, which has added …
19:29 Changeset [77071] by lcaminiti
Updated ScopeExit? "world" tests making person a struct instead of a class. …
18:41 Ticket #6577 (Add meta-function to extract the raw type, meta-function to compare raw ...) created by dlwalker
Based on the work I did on change-set [77046], can we add my two …
17:26 Changeset [77070] by marshall
Fix some test failures in Boost.Algorithm
17:04 Changeset [77069] by garcia
A little premature, but Predef is about to be ongoing.
16:34 Ticket #6576 (boost:::iostreams::file_descriptor throws instead of reading EOF on pipe) created by maihem@…
when using file_descriptor to read from a pipe on windows, an exception …
16:11 Changeset [77068] by lcaminiti
Added a couple of code comments.
15:48 Changeset [77067] by danieljames
Detail: Add macro to explicitly enable forward declaration of containers.
15:47 Changeset [77066] by danieljames
Unordered: Hashing policy for 64 bit computers.
15:20 Changeset [77065] by lcaminiti
Remove a set of extra parenthesis in getting a member function pointer …
13:27 Changeset [77064] by timblechmann
heap: merge fix from trunk
11:04 Changeset [77063] by barendgehrels
Boost.Geometry fixes for offset-extension w.r.t. new buffer approach (does …
10:08 Changeset [77062] by barendgehrels
Boost.Geometry Substantial progress on buffer (unit tests)
10:07 Changeset [77061] by barendgehrels
Boost.Geometry Substantial progress on buffer
07:17 Changeset [77060] by marshall
Added c++11 algorithms to Boost.Algorithm
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