23:44 Changeset [82344] by nathanridge
[range] refactor use of examples in documentation to avoid redundancy
22:36 Changeset [82343] by awulkiew
Added interprocess example
22:10 Changeset [82342] by viboes
Thread: fix typo in make_unique_locks without ariadic templates
22:02 Changeset [82341] by danieljames
Website: Geometry release notes.
20:32 Changeset [82340] by danieljames
Website: BOOST_THREAD_VERSION is no longer 3 by default.
20:30 Changeset [82339] by danieljames
Website: Link to beta docs.
20:21 Changeset [82338] by awulkiew
Docs and reference added.
19:20 Ticket #5367 (unable to download pdf (broken link)) closed by viboes
fixed: Seems to be fixed.
18:58 Changeset [82337] by johnmaddock
Add initial support for mpfi interval arithmetic
18:53 Changeset [82336] by eric_niebler
make symbols test pass on gcc with -Wall
18:39 Ticket #5801 (failed darwin.compile.c++) closed by viboes
invalid: Closed as no response from the poster.
18:33 Changeset [82335] by eric_niebler
xpressive release notes
18:26 Ticket #7809 (compiler errors with gcc in c++11 mode) closed by eric_niebler
fixed: (In [82334]) merge [82103] from trunk, fixes #7809, permission from …
18:26 Changeset [82334] by eric_niebler
merge [82103] from trunk, fixes #7809, permission from Marshall
18:14 Ticket #6559 (PREFIX=~/blah is failing) closed by viboes
18:09 Ticket #6639 (b2 --clean-all fails under Visual Studio 2008 and 2012) closed by viboes
18:05 Ticket #6678 (Boost 1.49 compilation warnings [FreeBSD]) closed by viboes
invalid: Please create a ticket by component/library so that the maintainers cat …
17:21 Changeset [82333] by awulkiew
#pragma once added for MSVC, private methods description added
17:18 Ticket #7262 (Boost.Context fails to build using MinGW) closed by olli
wontfix: As described boost.context requires an assembler tool on the platform. …
17:04 Ticket #7110 (Boost.Context fails to compile on 32 bit Mac OS) closed by olli
fixed: seams to work in boost-1.52 (see comment 3)
17:01 Ticket #7287 ([Context] Fix compatability with MinGW) closed by olli
wontfix: seems a bug in wingw -> exporting symbols with MASM's EXPORT keyword no …
16:32 Ticket #7833 (Boost support for Android) closed by viboes
invalid: Official support needs a volunteer tester, so that maintainers can fix the …
16:23 Ticket #7834 (many core boost libraries are not clean from static analysis issues ...) closed by viboes
wontfix: This ticket will get more interest if you: * create a ticket by component …
16:16 Ticket #7765 (Warnings from shared_mutex.hpp when including thread.hpp) closed by viboes
duplicate: Duplicated from #7817 as it contains more warnings.
15:41 Changeset [82332] by awulkiew
Added methods description
14:55 Changeset [82331] by bemandawes
14:04 Changeset [82330] by awulkiew
Type returned by data() changed from pointer to Value*. Description added.
11:19 Changeset [82329] by viboes
09:30 Ticket #7844 (bug with unrolling self intersecting polygon) created by rlepere <renaud.lepere@…>
I m tring to remove loops from self intersecting polygon but the following …
03:52 Changeset [82328] by awulkiew
Added static_vector methods description
02:31 Ticket #7843 (missing example for 'tokenized' range adaptor) created by nathanridge
All of the range adaptors have an example in their documentation, except …
01:06 Ticket #5440 (Documentation error for boost::inner_product from boost range library) closed by nathanridge
fixed: (In [82327]) [range] fixed #5440 (typo in documentation for …
01:06 Changeset [82327] by nathanridge
[range] fixed #5440 (typo in documentation for 'inner_product' algorithm)
01:01 Changeset [82326] by nathanridge
[range] docs for writing adaptors: removed clarification added in r82315
00:50 Ticket #7842 (Inaccuracies on intro page for range adaptors) created by nathanridge
The "Introduction and Motivation" page for Range Adaptors has a number of …


23:42 Ticket #5160 (Documentation: missing argument to replace_copy_if) closed by nathanridge
fixed: (In [82325]) [range] fixed #5160 (typo in replace_copy_if() example on …
23:41 Changeset [82325] by nathanridge
[range] fixed #5160 (typo in replace_copy_if() example on intro page for …
20:34 Changeset [82324] by awulkiew
Added allocator_adaptor_strategy.
20:01 Changeset [82323] by awulkiew
Boost.Interprocess pointers used instead of raw pointers in …
19:12 Changeset [82322] by awulkiew
Used NullAllocator?-like Strategy. Fixed some errors. Value*, const Value*, …
18:59 Ticket #7841 (A macro to detect real GCC) created by andysem
Please provide a macro to detect the real GCC. Different compilers try to …
18:40 Ticket #7784 ([PATCH] Overlapping strings are not properly handled by ...) closed by marshall
fixed: In [82238] merge fix to release.
18:39 Ticket #7714 (Minor comment typo in boost/lambda/loops.hpp) closed by marshall
fixed: in [82236] merge comment typo fixes to release
18:20 Changeset [82321] by awulkiew
static_vector test files renamed.
17:09 Changeset [82320] by viboes
Thread: merge from trunk rollback to version 2
15:58 Changeset [82319] by awulkiew
Interprocess test moved to separate file
15:24 Ticket #7835 (Typo in Boost.Odeint) closed by michel
fixed: Committed in r82309, merged in r82310.
14:14 Changeset [82318] by viboes
Thread: complete externally_locked_stream.
11:17 Changeset [82317] by viboes
Thread: fix typo on condition BOOST_NO_CXX11_HDR_TUPLE.
08:09 Ticket #7585 (Boost.Range Adaptors indexed: mistake in online documentation) closed by nathanridge
fixed: (In [82316]) [range] fixed #7585 (typo in documentation for 'indexed' …
08:09 Changeset [82316] by nathanridge
[range] fixed #7585 (typo in documentation for 'indexed' adaptor)
08:05 Changeset [82315] by nathanridge
[range] small clarification in documentation for how to write a range …
07:51 Ticket #6212 ("Method 3.1: Implement a Range Adaptor without arguments" does not ...) closed by nathanridge
fixed: (In [82314]) [range] fixed #6212 (missing step in documentation for how to …
07:51 Changeset [82314] by nathanridge
[range] fixed #6212 (missing step in documentation for how to write a …
05:27 Ticket #5775 (documentation: wrong description of pop_heap (copy-paste from push_heap)) closed by nathanridge
fixed: (In [82313]) [range] fixed #5775 (typo in the documentation of pop_heap())
05:27 Changeset [82313] by nathanridge
[range] fixed #5775 (typo in the documentation of pop_heap())
04:47 Changeset [82312] by awulkiew
Added commented out Boost.Interprocess test
02:10 Ticket #7840 (Failure in posix_time_zone when specifying start date as Jn) created by andrew.lang@…
If you use the time zone specification "CST-2CDT,J365/00,J1/00" to create …
00:04 Changeset [82311] by viboes
Thread: replace BOOST_NO_CXX11_HDR_INITIALIZER_LIST by specific …


19:02 Ticket #7839 (Boost.Locale does not build against ICU4C 52.1.1 on Windows Vista) created by Jason Erb <jason.erb@…>
The following build error occurs in Boost 1.52.0 when building against …
18:48 Changeset [82310] by karsten
applied typo patch for odeint
18:13 Changeset [82309] by karsten
applied patch for fixing typos in odeint
10:59 Ticket #2400 (Messages corrupted if isend requests are not retained) reopened by troyer
We should revisit this ticket since MPI 3 now explicitly allows requests …
10:01 Changeset [82308] by viboes
Thread: extend the workaround on intel compilers up to version 13.0
09:45 Changeset [82307] by viboes
Thread: update configuration variables taking in accont the version …
09:41 Changeset [82306] by viboes
Thread: merge from trunk 1.53
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