22:26 Ticket #8027 (thread library fails to compile with Visual Studio 2003) reopened by viboes
22:14 Changeset [83511] by viboes
Chrono: Added thread-safe doc for now().
22:11 Changeset [83510] by viboes
Chrono: avoid memory leak.
22:01 Changeset [83509] by viboes
Chrono: Added BOOST_FORCEINLINE on duration,time_point constructors for TI …
21:01 Changeset [83508] by edupuis
Implemented hybrid array/vector to represent chunks in order to prevent …
20:48 Ticket #7983 (Boost:: polygon have issues when compiled using gcc 4.7.x with -O2 ...) closed by asydorchuk
worksforme: Please, verify with Boost 1.53. I was trying to reproduce the issue, but …
20:40 Ticket #8026 (Documentation for point concept is missing a typedef) closed by asydorchuk
20:39 Ticket #8257 (#pragma warning default in polygon) closed by asydorchuk
20:38 Ticket #8197 (range/algorithm conflicts with polygon) closed by asydorchuk
20:36 Changeset [83507] by asydorchuk
Polygon: fixing ticket #8197 (range/algorithm conflicts with polygon).
20:11 Ticket #8320 (news.rss link broken) created by Michael T. Sullivan <mike@…>
The link for the RSS News near the bottom of the home page ends with an …
19:29 Ticket #8319 (Broken image link in container docs) created by driscoll@…
The image shown at …
17:50 Ticket #8318 (BOOST_FORCEINLINE constructors of time_point and duration) created by 1czajnik@…
This is probably related only to the TI compiler I use: marking …
17:23 Ticket #8317 (Edge coloring) created by uzytkownik2@…
Currently there is no edge coloring algorithm in boost. While it is …
16:31 Changeset [83506] by steven_watanabe
Fix ambiguity with C++11 std::array.
15:56 Ticket #8316 ([documentation] save_start / save_end) created by anonymous
save_start and save_end are documented to have no parameters, while they …
15:45 Ticket #8315 (tee function template does not work for std streams) closed by steven_watanabe
fixed: (In [83505]) Make tee work correctly for std::streams. Fixes #8315.
15:45 Changeset [83505] by steven_watanabe
Make tee work correctly for std::streams. Fixes #8315.
14:51 Ticket #8313 (const definition of boost::none) closed by steven_watanabe
wontfix: You should not use boost::none as an lvalue.
14:24 Ticket #8315 (tee function template does not work for std streams) created by Claudio Bley
= General Info = OS:: Windows 7 64bit Compiler:: MSVC 10 = The Code = …
12:21 Ticket #8314 (ibeta error for fisher f distribution) created by nyberg72@…
The following call sequence #include …
11:32 Ticket #8313 (const definition of boost::none) created by anonymous
boost provides an object named boost::none of type boost::none_t. it …
04:26 Changeset [83504] by eric_niebler
add missing history information
01:21 Ticket #8312 (Test definitions for throw_exception_test.cpp swapped?) created by greg.julus@…
I was attempting to learn how to extract the file, function, & line number …


23:56 Ticket #8311 (progress.hpp incompatible with timer/timer.hpp) created by alex.burton@…
Hi, If I want to use boost::progress_display and boost::timer::cpu_timer …
22:35 Changeset [83503] by viboes
Thread: protect some tests with BOOST_THREAD_PROVIDES_VARIADIC_THREAD.
22:01 SoC2013 edited by christopher_kormanyos
Corrected typos in Multiprecision (diff)
22:00 SoC2013 edited by christopher_kormanyos
Corrected typo in Multiprecision (diff)
21:58 SoC2013 edited by christopher_kormanyos
Corrected multiprecision links (diff)
21:55 SoC2013 edited by christopher_kormanyos
Added Boost.Multiprecision radix-2 float back-end (diff)
19:59 Changeset [83502] by chhenning
Some subsampled_image tests.
19:58 Changeset [83501] by chhenning
First version of subsampled_image.
19:58 Changeset [83500] by chhenning
Added some comments.
19:04 Changeset [83499] by johnmaddock
Merge new traits & accumulated fixes from Trunk.
18:48 Changeset [83498] by johnmaddock
Merge minor fixes from Trunk.
18:36 Changeset [83497] by johnmaddock
Merge config changes from Trunk.
18:10 Changeset [83496] by johnmaddock
Merge patches from Trunk.
15:22 Changeset [83495] by chhenning
YCbCr color space.
15:04 Ticket #8310 (Wrong results with overlapping polygons) created by Paolo Giangrandi <paolo@…>
Many algorithms from boost::geometry (difference, intersection, …
09:26 Ticket #8309 ([iostreams] bad handling of non-blocking writes for ‘indirect_streambuf’ ...) created by fpascutti@…
When a non-blocking write is done, the indirect_streambuf class sets …


23:56 Ticket #8308 (Poisson Quantile function returns wrong results in certain cases) created by Caleb.Welton@…
Sample use case: […] Produces the results (error), 0, 1, 3, 4, 20, …
23:14 Ticket #4628 (Old location of Boost.Jam source in documentation) closed by steven_watanabe
fixed: (In [83494]) Adjust jam docs to match the current state. Fixes #4628.
23:14 Changeset [83494] by steven_watanabe
Adjust jam docs to match the current state. Fixes #4628.
20:46 Changeset [83493] by marshall
Fix bug in test; thanks to AddressSanitizer? for the heads-up
20:45 Ticket #8307 (additional archetypes request) created by redboltz@…
Currently, incidence_graph_archetype, adjacency_graph_archetype, and …
20:33 Changeset [83492] by marshall
20:29 Changeset [83491] by marshall
In c++11, use std:: instead of std::tr1:: stuff
18:22 Ticket #8306 (named mutex does not unlock as expected) created by David Hebbeker <david.hebbeker@…>
named_mutex internally uses a posix_named_semaphore (in file …
17:29 Changeset [83490] by steven_watanabe
Test that overloading on the constness of this works.
16:06 Ticket #5922 (Detect MSVC11 when building Boost) closed by steven_watanabe
fixed: Replying to viboes: > Has this patch been applied? trunk: …
16:02 Ticket #6637 (Include static multithreaded libraries in release mode, using static ...) closed by steven_watanabe
wontfix: The default build matches the default settings of the IDE. Either use …
15:53 Ticket #6741 (Compile with VC11 arm) closed by steven_watanabe
fixed: boost/detail/endian.hpp and boost/intrusive/detail/mpl.hpp have been fixed …
15:50 Changeset [83489] by steven_watanabe
Add support for architecture=arm. Refs #6741.
15:13 Ticket #8305 (Allow interprocess to work with big files on x32 POSIX systems) created by apolukhin
This patch adds O_LARGEFILE to file open mode (if it is supported). …
11:58 Changeset [83488] by johnmaddock
Disable C++11 as a build requirement: tests all pass without it, and it's …
11:50 Ticket #8304 (Regex not matching case in character ranges if collate flag specified) created by dave@…
If the regex::collate option is specified regular expressions do not seem …
11:31 Changeset [83487] by hkaiser
Spirit: Merging trunk
11:28 Ticket #8302 (Lexer does not relase iterator) closed by hkaiser
fixed: (In [83486]) Fix #8302: Lexer does not relase iterator - excellent catch!
11:28 Changeset [83486] by hkaiser
Fix #8302: Lexer does not relase iterator - excellent catch!
11:09 Changeset [83485] by mloskot
[geometry] Add RapidXML unpacking step
10:48 Ticket #8303 ([documentation] size() returns difference type) created by anonymous
according to the documentation boost range size() returns difference_type, …
10:20 Guidelines/GCCBoost created by pbristow
Content for GCCBoost
10:17 Guidelines edited by pbristow
Added new section for GCC and Boost (diff)
07:29 Ticket #8302 (Lexer does not relase iterator) created by apolukhin
One of the boost::spirit::lex::lexertl::detail::data specializations …
02:43 Ticket #8301 (filesystem::canonical() has a race condition on Windows 7) created by y.hoshizuki
read_symlink() often throws a exception. to confirm this problem, please …
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