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Jul 7, 2009, 4:08:30 AM (9 years ago)
Robert Ramey

Fixed misc bugs
void cast
added dll tests
simplified VC7IDE configurations and set up test for DLLS

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  • trunk/libs/serialization/doc/release.html

    r50567 r54757  
    3232    <dl class="index">
    3333        <dt><a href="#requirements">Requirements</a></dt>
     34        <dt><a href="#differences_1_39">Differences from version 1.37</a></dt>
    3435        <dt><a href="#differences_1_37">Differences from version 1.37</a></dt>
    3536        <dt><a href="#differences_1_35">Differences from version 1.35</a></dt>
    4344    <h2>
    4445        <a name="requirements"></a>Requirements</h2>
    45     This library has been tested against Boost version 1.37.
    46     <!--
     46    This library has been tested against Boost version 1.39.
    4849The serialization library uses the boost spirit package to load XML archives.
    6162at the front of the list of include paths.
     64    <h2>
     65        <a name="differences_1_39"></a>Differences from Boost 1.39</h2>
     66    <ul>
     67    <li>It is now possible to serialize an object through a pointer to a class which implements
     68    its own <code style="white-space: normal">new/delete</code> operators. This functionaly
     69    is not available on some compilers.
     70    <li>serialization of polymorphic objects has been sped up considerably.
     71    </ul>
     72    As of this writing, all bug reports filed
     73    as TRAK tickets have been addressed.  There are some TRAK tickets pending which
     74    would best be described as feature requests. See <a href="#todo">Pending Issues</a>.
    6375    <h2>
    6476        <a name="differences_1_37"></a>Differences from Boost 1.37</h2>
    152164        <li>
    153165        Pointers to pointers cannot currently be serialized
    154         <li>currently can't serialize through a pointer an object a of class that implements
    155             its own <code style="white-space: normal">new/delete</code>
    156         operators.
    157166        <li>Its possible that <code style="white-space: normal">std::string</code> and <code
    158167            style="white-space: normal">std::wstring</code>
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