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#1010 linking boost.python on freebsd Dave Abrahams Bugs Boost 1.34.0 Cosmetic
#1087 Mismatch between BBv2 and bjam toolsets in configure script. doug_gregor Patches Boost 1.34.0 Problem
#1462 Missing/wrong includes Douglas Gregor Patches Boost Development Trunk Problem
#1559 bjam fails when built with gcc4.2 and strict-aliasing enabled Bugs Boost 1.34.1 Problem
#1880 documentation bug Vladimir Prus Bugs Boost 1.35.0 Problem
#1926 MacOS (Darwin) should use the -headerpad_max_install_name option Bugs Boost 1.35.0 Problem
#1967 bjam bug? iostreams + zlib won't build for VC8 or MinGW with small hack to Jamfile.v2 Vladimir Prus Bugs Boost 1.35.0 Problem
#2003 1_35_0 tar.gz file incomplete Bugs Boost 1.35.0 Problem
#2079 Boost.Build needs to support Mac OS X out of the box Marshall Clow Bugs Boost 1.35.0 Problem
#2086 Add build option to define _secure_scl=0 + add runtime check to ensure no ODR violation Feature Requests Boost 1.35.0 Problem
#2198 File Not Found Vladimir Prus Bugs Boost 1.35.0 Problem
#2203 Document building Boost for Windows 64-bit Feature Requests Boost 1.36.0 Problem
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