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#6787 boost::thread::sleep() hangs if system time is rolled back viboes Bugs Boost 1.49.0 Problem
#12519 boost::thread::try_join_for does not return after timeout viboes Patches Boost 1.61.0 Problem
#12874 future<> extension constructor must be under BOOST_THREAD_PROVIDES_FUTURE_UNWRAP viboes Patches Boost 1.63.0 Problem
#12888 Linking with boost thread does not work on mingw/gcc 4.4 viboes Bugs Boost 1.63.0 Problem
#12958 sync_bounded_queue::wait_pull_front( lve ) might throw viboes Bugs Boost 1.63.0 Problem
#13077 Linking to static 64bit libboost_thread fails DLL initialization viboes Bugs Boost 1.63.0 Showstopper
#13155 log doesn't build on a system with pthreads viboes Bugs Boost 1.63.0 Problem
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