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#8250 Bug deleting self loop edges in parallel code new pbgl, self-loop, parallel, in_edges ngedmond Bugs
#9368 Generalize edge weight types usable in prim_minimum_spanning_tree new bgl, prim, weight Jeremiah Willcock Patches
#10805 Bugs: problem in push_relabel_max_flow algorithm when using std::numeric_limits<double>::max() as capacity in some edges new BGL, push_relabel_max_flow Jeremiah Willcock Bugs
#11300 I think the invariant in ResourceExtensionFunction for r_c_shortest_paths is not correct new bgl,graph Jeremiah Willcock Bugs
#11723 Memory leak (and assertion failed) in r_c_shortest_paths.hpp new bgl, graph Jeremiah Willcock Bugs
#11876 Boost.Graph conflicts with Qt's foreach macro new Graph BGL Qt Jeremiah Willcock Bugs
#13205 Suurballe's algorithm for finding two edge disjoint paths in non-negatively weighted graphs would be a great addition to BGL new suurballe, BGL, algorithm, path, disjoint Jeremiah Willcock Feature Requests
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