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#2778 Request for forward declarations header new asio forward declaration chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests
#3150 boost.asio: async_copy(in, out, ...) for POSIX sendfile() support new sendfile posix asio chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests
#3627 boost::asio::async_read() cannot be used with null_buffers() new asio async_read null_buffers chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests
#3699 boost::asio support allocator parameter new asio allocator chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests
#4294 boost::asio::context_base should not depend on OpenSSL Types new asio ssl tls chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests
#4816 [BOOST::ASIO] Under Cygwin <boost/asio.hpp> doesn't compile new boost::asio pipe_select_interrupter chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#5339 asio async_read throws boost::asio::error::invalid_argument on mac OS X new asio invalid_argument mac os x async_read chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#6088 Function boost::asio::buffer() doesn't support boost::container::vector. new asio, container chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests
#7160 BOOST_DATE_TIME_POSIX_TIME_STD_CONFIG and DATE_TIME_NO_DEFAULT_CONSTRUCTOR new thread, asio, ptime, posix_time az_sw_dude Bugs
#7893 Unresolved link errors when building 64 bit ASIO with 64 bit OpenSSL under Windows new ASIO OpenSSL chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#8885 boost asio epoll reactor method "set_ready_events" not protected by lock new boost asio multi-thread chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#8913 boost/asio/detail/posix_static_mutex.hpp: Ignores all failures from pthread_* functions new asio mutex pthread API failure chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#9059 Boost.Asio detail/impl/win_static_mutex leaks a CRITICAL_SECTION reopened asio leak windows chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#9507 [bcp] bcp creates broken build for asio component new bcp, asio Bugs
#10170 adding keys to context without file new asio ssl keys chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests
#10508 Hang occurs if tcp::socket.connect(endpt, errorcode) is called with reserved IP address new asio tcp socket connect chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#10814 Boost asio socket keeps established connection forever even after endpoint is closed. new asio established forever blocking chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#10898 Variadic constructor for ssl::stream so it can wrap streams whose constructors take n arguments new asio ssl c++11 chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests
#10906 async_connect can't be stopped on boost 1.57, win 7 64bit new boost asio async_connect chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#11227 Support for unidirectional shutdown in ssl::stream new asio, ssl, SSL_shutdown, async_shutdown chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests
#11629 Appears clash when the boost::log and boost::asio::io_service are running in the same time. new boost::log boost::asio::io_service chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#11964 asio async_resolve cannot be cancelled new asio asynchronous DNS resolve chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#11991 Application crashes when yield/resume an coroutine after handing an exception new asio coroutine windows Visual Studio 2015 chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#12188 Valgrind reports invalid delete after using boost::asio::ip::tcp::resolver.resolve new asio valgrind resolver chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#12358 epoll_reactor calls fcntl without checking return code new fcntl epoll asio chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#12359 eventfd_select_interrupter calls fcntl without checking the return code new fcntl eventfd asio chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#12539 error category thread safety (system + asio) c++98 new asio error category Beman Dawes Bugs
#12575 fix compilation of software using libressl and boost asio new asio, ssl, libressl chris_kohlhoff Patches
#12709 Boost.Asio uses Boost.Coroutine v1, yet Boost.Coroutine v2 references it as a usage example new coroutine2 asio spawn yield olli Bugs
#12735 asio: Fails to include unistd.h if BOOST_ASIO_HAS_BOOST_CONFIG is defined new ASIO unistd.h chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#13128 boost asio does not initialize libressl library new asio libressl chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#13291 read_until won't compile with Visual Studio 2017 using regex new asio, regex chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#13294 Boost(1.57).Asio crashes after ssl stream is closed and stream is deleted. new asio ssl close crash chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#13308 Asio symbols are exported even when they should not new asio mac macos symbols visibility chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#13319 Boost.Asio.SSL write_some cause 'decryption failed or bad record mac' on large (~1MB) transmissions new asio ssl write_some chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#13364 xxx please delete - it was my fault xxx new boost::asio::steady_timer boost::dll chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#13399 pthread_create segfaults when program is restarted after some time new Threads Asio TCP chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#13431 ncurses.h and boost.asio problem new ncurses.h and boost.asio chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#13462 set_option: The requested address is not valid in its context new asio udp multicast receiver chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#13463 Boost UDP multicast sender not using correct port new asio udp multicast sender chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#13477 Initializing boost::asio socket after constructor failed new c++ asio boost shared_ptr boost::ref chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#13570 asio_handler_invoke resume wrong thread in coroutine new asio, coroutine, asio_handler_invoke chris_kohlhoff Bugs
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