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#6145 MinGW / GCC 4.6.1 warns about conflicts between Boost.Thread and Boost.InterProcess (Win32 C API) new MinGW interprocess thread warning conflict Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#6710 Boost Containers Using interprocess Basic_strings Need external temporaries new interprocess, container, map, flat_map, unordered_map Ion Gaztañaga Feature Requests
#6753 Make message_queue_t::do_send(...) public. new message queue interprocess Ion Gaztañaga Feature Requests
#6976 Waiting on boost interprocess condition consumes 100% CPU on Windows new interprocess condition cpu windows Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#7420 If I call managed_shared_memory() function when I create a lot of objects, it ocurrs error. new interprocess, shared_memeory Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#7807 message_queue do_send and do_receive blocked for interprocess_mutex new interprocess_mutex Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#7927 boost::bimap not boost::interprocess compatible. new bimap, multi_index, interprocess Matias Capeletto Bugs
#9583 Support of wide character filenames in boost::interprocess::file_lock new wide characters interprocess Ion Gaztañaga Feature Requests
#10325 Win32: including file_lock.hpp results in compilation error new interprocess, file_lock Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#10629 Interprocess Vector resize causes crash new interprocess, vector Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#11581 Interprocess documentation error new interprocess documentation Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#11990 interprocess_condition on OSX with processes in different address spaces new interprocess_condition Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#12476 Using named_condition_any with a readers-writer lock new interprocess named_condition_any Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#12809 crash in boost interprocess cached adaptive pool when using allocate_one method new boost interprocess cached adaptive pool Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#12810 feature parity between boost::intrusive_ptr and boost::interprocess::intrusive_ptr new interprocess, intrusive_ptr Ion Gaztañaga Feature Requests
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