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#2811 date_time iostream dependencies new iostream BOOST_NO_IOSTREAM _STLP_NO_IOSTREAMS az_sw_dude Feature Requests
#5133 Iostreams code_converter buffer new code_converter flush sync buffer iostreams Jonathan Turkanis Bugs
#5174 Patch to make code_converter flushable new code_converter flush sync buffer iostreams Jonathan Turkanis Patches
#7543 Expose range protocol for boost::iostreams::mapped_file new iostreams, mapped_file, range Jonathan Turkanis Feature Requests
#7750 iostreams & thread cancellation issue new iostreams pthreads exceptions Jonathan Turkanis Bugs
#8948 iostreams::filtering_stream<outout>::sync does not exist new iostreams filtering_ostream sync missing Jonathan Turkanis Bugs
#9156 1.54 broke NO_ZLIB=1 and NO_COMPRESSION=1 new zlib iostreams /zlib/zlib Jonathan Turkanis Bugs
#11860 Using iostreams causes lots of messages about deprecated header template_arity_spec.hpp new type_traits iostreams spirit Jonathan Turkanis Bugs
#13164 Unable to build Boost.Iostreams with pre-built zlib on Windows new iostreams build zlib windows msvc Jonathan Turkanis Bugs
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