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#1020 Boost.Iterator proposal to add is_constant_iterator new is_constant_iterator jeffrey.hellrung Patches
#1949 suggestion for iterator library - templated constructors new composable iterators jeffrey.hellrung Feature Requests
#2640 Legal forward iterators cannot store their referents (was: counting_iterator::reference lifetime tied to iterator) new counting_iterator reverse_iterator jeffrey.hellrung Bugs
#4189 Add better support for non-default constructible function objects new transform_iterator jeffrey.hellrung Feature Requests
#5961 ptr_container supports comparison of iterators of different types new iterator, type Thorsten Ottosen Bugs
#5963 Patch [Fixes #5961]: Disallow comparisons of differing iterator types in ptr_container new iterator, type, compare Thorsten Ottosen Patches
#6072 Bad iterator difference for m.begin1() - m.end1() in ublas new iterator, distance Gunter Bugs
#6778 directory_iterator and recursive_directory_iterator has inconsistent behavior with STL iterator when assignment operator=() is involved. new directory_iterator, recursive_directory_iterator, assignment operator=() Beman Dawes Bugs
#7202 filesystem: Function remove_all_aux() with an argument of type system::error_code& can throw exception in case of filesystem error new exception, directory_iterator_construct, error_code Beman Dawes Bugs
#7310 filesystem::path::iterator::operator+ is unusable due to compile error new path iterator Beman Dawes Bugs
#7524 Assertion Fail: map/set iterators incompatible (msvc-8) new msvc-8 assertion failure iterators incompatible Gunter Bugs
#7526 zip_iterator does not support std::tuple and std::pair new zip_iterator, std::tuple, std::pair jeffrey.hellrung Feature Requests
#7538 boost::spirit::istream_iterator does not handle incrememt correctly at the end new spirit, istream_iterator, multi_pass Joel de Guzman Bugs
#7597 transform_output_iterator new iterator transform transform_output transform_output_iterator jeffrey.hellrung Feature Requests
#8936 month_iterator snaps-to-end when starting on the last day of a 30 day month new month_iterator az_sw_dude Bugs
#8946 filesystem::directory_iterator returns incorrect listing new directory_iterator Beman Dawes Bugs
#9032 Wrong Boost.Iterator permutation_iterator::base() description new iterator doc jeffrey.hellrung Bugs
#9598 no operator found which takes a left-hand operand of type 'boost::filesystem::directory_iterator' new filesystem iterator Beman Dawes Support Requests
#9726 transform_iterator does not compile on SUN with Cstd STL reopened SUN, iterator jeffrey.hellrung Bugs
#10954 boost::spirit::iterator_policies::split_std_deque memory leak on reference count new iterator memory leak spirit multi_pass Joel de Guzman Bugs
#11067 boost::gregorian::date_iterator missing postfix operators ++ and -- assigned boost::gregorian::date, boost::gregorian::date_iterator James E. King, III Feature Requests
#11882 Mistake in iterator facade documentation new iterator;facade;doc jeffrey.hellrung Tasks
#12263 ublas matrix iterators do not include "->" member access (dereferencing) operator, although the operator is referenced in the documentation new oversight ublas matrix iterator member access dereference Gunter Bugs
#13207 boost::spirit::istream_iterator unusable with boost::asio::ip::tcp::iostream new istream_iterator Joel de Guzman Bugs
#13644 std::iterator_traits<>::value_type is always non-const for any kind of boost::iterator_facade Iterator new iterator_facade jeffrey.hellrung Bugs
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