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#1811 Help packaging by supporting DESTDIR new build, make, compile, install, package Vladimir Prus Patches
#1913 Null deleter for shared_ptr new smart_ptr null deleter Peter Dimov Feature Requests
#3627 boost::asio::async_read() cannot be used with null_buffers() new asio async_read null_buffers chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests
#3699 boost::asio support allocator parameter new asio allocator chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests
#4899 Parallel graphs don't work with named vertices new parallel, distributed, betweenness, named vertices ngedmond Bugs
#5292 boost::mpi::scatterv and boost::mpi::gatherv added new collective operations Matthias Troyer Patches
#5341 Patch to improve shared library behavior with serialization reopened serialization shared_libraries dlls Robert Ramey Patches
#5579 1_40_0 serialization break. new serialization object cross dll Robert Ramey Bugs
#5806 Property tree supporting custom allocators such as the boost pool ones new property tree custom allocator Sebastian Redl Feature Requests
#6116 In chain.hpp there is a variable named "null" new null chain.hpp Jonathan Turkanis Bugs
#6611 boost::pool_allocator construct() with single argument required by GCC 4.6 stl new pool_allocator construct Chris Newbold Bugs
#6617 filesystem::remove_all can't delete directory that contains directory junction new junction remove remove_all Beman Dawes Bugs
#6626 shallow_array_adaptor bug in swap function new boost::numeric::ublas::shallow_array_adaptor Gunter Bugs
#6644 Windows: auto_link.hpp incorrectly errors with "Mixing a dll boost library with a static runtime is a really bad idea..." new Windows auto_link /MT /MD DLL Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve Bugs
#6831 __sync_lock_test_and_set_4 and illegal instruction new async_read __sync_lock_test_and_set_4 illegal_instruction chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#6839 distributed::adjacency_list fails to propagate mpi_process_group correctly new parallel graph library process_group Jeremiah Willcock Patches
#7106 multi_array::resize switches to default-constructed allocator new allocator Ronald Garcia Bugs
#7736 Boost.Units io.hpp always includes Boost.serialization and an unwanted Clang warning new units serialization dllexport attribute clang Steven Watanabe Support Requests
#8250 Bug deleting self loop edges in parallel code new pbgl, self-loop, parallel, in_edges ngedmond Bugs
#8712 [function] Comparison with nullptr differs from std::function<> new nullptr C++11 Douglas Gregor Bugs
#8799 named condition notify_all does not wake up waiting process new named_condition notify_all Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#9873 Boost.Geometry: boost::geometry::convex_hull makes a convex polygon look concave for certain values new Boost.Geometry,boost::geometry::convex_hull,convex_hull Barend Gehrels Bugs
#10559 1_56 tar file has directories with wrong permissions, will not install new install directory permissions Bugs
#10716 Pool allocators fail to compile under g++4.7, 4.8 and 4.9 new allocate_shared allocator compile_error Chris Newbold Bugs
#10828 Boost asio ssl: password callback not called if private key passed with context::use_private_key new ssl, openss. private key, callback, password chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#11399 Boost geometry models don't support stateful allocator. new geometry model allocator Barend Gehrels Feature Requests
#11583 Johnson All Pairs - wrong edge mapping new Johnson All Pairs Marshall Clow Bugs
#11584 Johnson All Pairs - wrong edge mapping new Johnson All Pairs Marshall Clow Bugs
#11585 Johnson All Pairs - wrong edge mapping new Johnson All Pairs Marshall Clow Bugs
#11646 Boost ASIO server-side async_handshake handler not called if Diffie-Hellman key is too small new use_tmp_dh_file dh diffie hellman key too small ssl openssl chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#11767 More -Wunused-local-typedef warnings when building Boost 1.55.0 with Apple LLVM version 7.0.0 (clang-700.1.76) new llvm clang Wunused-local-typedef chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#12306 boost::filesystem::remove_all(const path& p, system::error_code& ec) throws while it shouldn't new remove_all throw Beman Dawes Bugs
#12358 epoll_reactor calls fcntl without checking return code new fcntl epoll asio chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#12852 Resizing fills the circular buffer new resize, full Jan Gaspar Bugs
#12969 Problem linking print_helper_t<nullptr_t> under Clang assigned test,link,print_helper_t,nullptr,nullptr_t,1_64_0_b2 Raffi Enficiaud Bugs
#13004 Cannot build boost 1.64 with Visual Studio 2015 command prompt when Visual Studio 2017 is installed new corrupt header make install Bugs
#13205 Suurballe's algorithm for finding two edge disjoint paths in non-negatively weighted graphs would be a great addition to BGL new suurballe, BGL, algorithm, path, disjoint Jeremiah Willcock Feature Requests
#13275 flat_map's allocator_type constructor could potentially produce invalid output in optimization new flat_map reinterpret_cast allocator_type Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#13282 Allocator compilation problems with gcc 4.8.1 new allocator Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#13299 small_vector<..>::emplace_back does not return the new element's reference new small_vector, emplace_back Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
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