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#1726 boost/date_time/posix_time/time_formatters.hpp incorrectly formats fractional seconds using global locale new locale az_sw_dude Bugs
#8335 [locale] PGI 11.3 build problems () new pgi locale Artyom Beilis Bugs
#8631 property_three - use user std::locale new property_tree locale Sebastian Redl Support Requests
#9119 memory errors and eventual segfault when using Log new log add_file_log filesystem locale Beman Dawes Bugs
#9827 Missing support for some code page(e.g 949, 950) in windows conversion with std backend assigned locale,code page,Korean,Traditional Chinese,exception Artyom Beilis Bugs
#11981 boost::archive::xml_woarchive with locale dosen't work reopened locale, xml_woarchive, serialization Robert Ramey Bugs
#12550 output operator for multiprecision cpp_dec_float does not recognise locale settings for decimal point new cpp_dec_float locale decimal point John Maddock Bugs
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