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#1215 Boost 1.34.1, mpl: Wrong workaround detection using MinGW32 (or.hpp, line #33) assigned MinGW mpl tool detection Aleksey Gurtovoy Bugs
#4735 MinGW version 'mingw-x.y.z' requested but 'g++-mingw-x.y.z' not found and version 'x.y.z' of default 'g++' does not match new mingw version Vladimir Prus Patches
#4766 MinGW: ip_tcp test hangs on io_service::run() after tcp::socket::cancel() new mingw gcc-4.4 tcp socket cancel io_service run chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#4833 MinGW/test_tss_lib: Support of automatic tss cleanup for native threading API not available new test_tss_lib mingw native API cleanup Anthony Williams Bugs
#5680 bootstrap Boost.Build fails with MinGW 20110530: missing sys/wait.h, sys/resource.h, ar.h new mingw bjam bootstrap build Bugs
#6145 MinGW / GCC 4.6.1 warns about conflicts between Boost.Thread and Boost.InterProcess (Win32 C API) new MinGW interprocess thread warning conflict Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#6350 MINGW Build missing mingw.jam new mingw build bootstrap Vladimir Prus Bugs
#6494 Using BOOST_DATE_TIME_POSIX_TIME_STD_CONFIG flag ruins date_time library under MinGW new BOOST_DATE_TIME_POSIX_TIME_STD_CONFIG date_time MinGW az_sw_dude Bugs
#7482 Build from source with MinGW on Windows new mingw windows layout system timblechmann Bugs
#9428 Lib program_options build fail for mingw new Build MinGw Patches
#9968 [filesystem] Streams don't handle unicode file name on Windows new mingw Beman Dawes Bugs
#10909 Problems with building boost system library using mingw new Boost gcc qnx mingw Bugs
#11019 Error while building 1.57 with MinGW4.7.1 new MinGW Bugs
#12533 Difficulty building boost 1.62.0 using current mingw distribution new mingw Bugs
#13352 1.66 i686-w64-mingw32-g++-win32 new mingw future impl chris_kohlhoff Bugs
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