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#6618 boost::container::flat_map not transparently accepting move-only values new flat_map, moveable not copyable Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#8799 named condition notify_all does not wake up waiting process new named_condition notify_all Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#9391 Trac: New Ticket Captcha new Trac Captcha Not Loading Douglas Gregor Bugs
#13156 Not word boundary - \b vs. NOT \B are not the same new Not Word Boundary \B John Maddock Bugs
#13328 transitive_reduction.hpp in the Graph component contains two lines that use "not" instead of "!" new transitive reduction not negation Jeremiah Willcock Bugs
#13487 Error detecting is_nothrow_move_constructible & is_nothrow_move_assignable new move noexcept nothrow Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
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