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#4028 fusion::begin and fusion::end lead to problems with ADL-based begin and end functions for ranges reopened ADL range begin end Joel de Guzman Bugs
#5451 More slice adaptors new range adaptor slice sliced Neil Groves Feature Requests
#5811 indirected range adaptor not satisfied with unary dereference operator reopened optional element_type range adaptor indirected Neil Groves Bugs
#7543 Expose range protocol for boost::iostreams::mapped_file new iostreams, mapped_file, range Jonathan Turkanis Feature Requests
#7630 Range adaptors do not play nicely with range-based for loops assigned range Neil Groves Bugs
#10894 Add an adaptor to iterate a range in pairs of (current element, next element) new range adaptor pairwise Neil Groves Feature Requests
#11001 insert_range lacks support for extensible associative sequences new insert_range, map, associative Aleksey Gurtovoy Bugs
#12068 boost::filtered_range is not default constructible new filtered_range, adaptors Neil Groves Feature Requests
#12071 Using iterator_facade with range-v3 fails to compile new range-v3 jeffrey.hellrung Bugs
#12754 operator| overload for boost::range_details::replace_holder is not SFINAE friendly new SFINAE, ADL, range Neil Groves Bugs
#13202 adjacent_filtered postcondition docs differ from behaviour new range,adjacent_filtered,documentation,postcondition,predicate,adaptor Neil Groves Bugs
#13203 adjacent_filtered lets the first element entry through new adjacent_filtered,adaptor,range,predicate,leak Neil Groves Bugs
#13206 regex constructor throws regex_error for simple expression new regex error_range John Maddock Bugs
#13357 boost::iterator_range<boost::counting_iterator<uint64_t>>::back() returns reference to temporary new range Neil Groves Bugs
#13385 Docs for for_each() should be clearer about forbidding "any non-constant operation" new range,for_each,docs,requirements,const Neil Groves Bugs
#13514 can not build against boost 1.66.0 with MSVC 2015 due to range/concepts.hpp new range, concepts.hpp, msvc, 2015 Neil Groves Bugs
#13631 Need for boost::property_tree:ptree::range_type new property_tre ptree range_type Sebastian Redl Feature Requests
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