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#7138 Output of a UDT with autoprefix requires specialization of auto_prefix_norm units autoprefix UDT new steven_watanabe Bugs
#7332 Missing inline directives in crc.hpp crc inline reflect_byte make_byte_reflection_table new dlwalker Bugs
#8442 Match std::reference_wrapper functionality reference_wrapper new pdimov Feature Requests
#9204 const_multi_array_ref with const const add_const const_multi_array_ref new garcia Bugs
#9385 Call current_exception in concurrent manner for the same exception object boost::exception_detail::refcount_ptr new emildotchevski Bugs
#9582 Boost.Units: conversion to double with prefixed unit Units conversion prefix new matthiasschabel Feature Requests
#10127 coordinate_matrix sort() fails on to std::swap c++11,swap,sort,matrix,reference new guwi17 Bugs
#11369 Boost.Python: return_internal_reference<> bug Python reference_internal_object new rwgk Bugs
#11948 undefined reference to boost::gregorian::greg_month::get_month_map_ptr() undefined reference new az_sw_dude Bugs
#12143 Preferred separator not exported in dll under Windows preferred_separator new bemandawes Bugs
#12263 ublas matrix iterators do not include "->" member access (dereferencing) operator, although the operator is referenced in the documentation oversight ublas matrix iterator member access dereference new guwi17 Bugs
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