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#2769 x86_64 + g++: wrong results for sin() new x86_64 interval transcendental Boris Gubenko Bugs
#4742 Karma produces not the supposed output for a real number generator in scientific mode new karma scientific Hartmut Kaiser Bugs
#5609 Failed to build Boost.Jam with toolset pathscale new pathscale Bugs
#5987 Error in boost-build/jam_src/build.bat new script error Vladimir Prus Bugs
#7371 boost::spirit::classic::char_parser<DerivedT>::parse is incrementing the scanner's first iterator directly instead of using the provided iterator_policy new scanner iterator_policy Joel de Guzman Bugs
#8628 spsc_queue::pop(OutputIterator it) improperly works with random-access iterators if the read pointer is bigger than the write pointer (stored data consists of 2 blocks) new spsc_queue timblechmann Bugs
#8666 boost::lockfree::spsc_queue::emplace_push new spsc_queue queue lockfree emplace timblechmann Feature Requests
#9297 "boost::iostreams::file_descriptor_sink" doesn't support translation of line endings on Windows new file_descriptor_sink Jonathan Turkanis Bugs
#9568 incomplete type is not allowed new incomplete type of, scope exit, type of, intel Peder Holt Bugs
#9597 "boost::iostreams::file_descriptor" doesn't close Windows low-level file descriptors properly when specifying "file_descriptor_flags::close_handle" new file_descriptor Jonathan Turkanis Bugs
#10087 Need to update date_time_zonespec.csv for Moscow new moscow az_sw_dude Bugs
#10270 square root of boost units scaled_unit fails to compile new scale Matthias Schabel Bugs
#10283 Cross-compiling on MacOSX for linux using clang fails to build static libs correctly. new clang crosscompile macosx linux Bugs
#10796 JSON writer incorrectly escapes UTF8 strings new json, escaping, utf8 Sebastian Redl Bugs
#11210 BOOST_CURRENT_FUNCTION internal compiler error new BOOST_CURRENT_FUNCTION, scoped enum, strong typed enum, internal compile error, vs2013 No-Maintainer Bugs
#11225 failed to compile with msvc8, variadics used wrong new BOOST_PP_IS_EMPTY, phoenix vector, variadics, vs2005, mscv8 Joel de Guzman Bugs
#11895 Strand service scheduling is hurting ASIO scalability new strand scheduling priority chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#12159 file_descriptor(int,flags) constructor fails new file_descriptor int template Jonathan Turkanis Bugs
#12271 segfaults in options_description with -fipa-pta new segfault options_description Vladimir Prus Bugs
#13167 "Unknown compiler version ..." with 1.64 on Visual Studio 15.3 new compiler _MSC_VER Bugs
#13172 filesystem::directory_iterator::operator++: Function not implemented (errno not reset) new filesystem, errno, sysconf, readdir, Android Beman Dawes Bugs
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