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#2944 boost::archive::xml_iarchive hangs, if BOOST_SP_USE_PTHREADS used new shared_ptr serialization xml_iarchive Joel de Guzman Bugs
#3447 After destruction binary_iarchive seeks to the end of file new sync file stream basic_binary_iprimitive archive binary_iarchive serialization Robert Ramey Bugs
#5299 Serialization throws an exception for loading binary archive on windows new serialization windows binary load Robert Ramey Bugs
#5340 Patch to support concrete base classes becomming abstract classes new serialization abstract concrete Robert Ramey Patches
#5341 Patch to improve shared library behavior with serialization reopened serialization shared_libraries dlls Robert Ramey Patches
#5499 Serialization backward compatability new serialization compatability Robert Ramey Bugs
#5567 boost serialization 1_46_1 incompatible with prior versions due to backwards comparison new serialization compatability Robert Ramey Bugs
#5579 1_40_0 serialization break. new serialization object cross dll Robert Ramey Bugs
#5743 Serializable boost::multi_array class new Serialization Ronald Garcia Feature Requests
#7736 Boost.Units io.hpp always includes Boost.serialization and an unwanted Clang warning new units serialization dllexport attribute clang Steven Watanabe Support Requests
#7792 Boost serialization is incompatible with final keyword new serialization final John Maddock Bugs
#9043 Boost serialization version does not work on Windows reopened serialization version Robert Ramey Bugs
#9116 Binary serialization: bitwise copying should also apply to single POD objects (it now only seems to work on arrays/collections) new serialization, binary, bitwise, POD Robert Ramey Bugs
#10063 Option should exist to include ublas entirely from headers without linking to serialization new ublas serialization Gunter Patches
#11247 More useful rtree API (public apply_visitor, ...) new rtree, serialization Barend Gehrels Feature Requests
#11981 boost::archive::xml_woarchive with locale dosen't work reopened locale, xml_woarchive, serialization Robert Ramey Bugs
#12141 XML serialization broken reopened serialization,xml,regression,tag Robert Ramey Bugs
#12450 oost/serialization/singleton.hpp:131: undefined reference to `boost::serialization::singleton_module::is_locked()' new singleton_module serialization wserialization Robert Ramey Bugs
#13467 RTTI issue with non-polymorphic types in debug mode new serialization rtti Robert Ramey Bugs
#13537 serializable unordered_map has incorrect template signature new unordered_map serialization Robert Ramey Bugs
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