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#6066 Getting back std::string from a utree string node throws std::bad_cast new spirit utree string bad_cast Joel de Guzman Bugs
#7538 boost::spirit::istream_iterator does not handle incrememt correctly at the end new spirit, istream_iterator, multi_pass Joel de Guzman Bugs
#7539 including spirit multi_pass and info header files caused compile error new spirit, c++11, multi_pass Joel de Guzman Bugs
#9260 Phoenix switch_ statements accessing wrong memory and cause segfault new phoenix spirit qi Thomas Heller Bugs
#10954 boost::spirit::iterator_policies::split_std_deque memory leak on reference count new iterator memory leak spirit multi_pass Joel de Guzman Bugs
#11726 boost/spirit/home/support/detail/endian/endian.hpp:76:57: runtime error: left shift of negative value -1 new spirit Joel de Guzman Bugs
#11860 Using iostreams causes lots of messages about deprecated header template_arity_spec.hpp new type_traits iostreams spirit Jonathan Turkanis Bugs
#12906 Add support for string_view new spirit qi string_view Joel de Guzman Feature Requests
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