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#2888 python static linking must use defaults for dl and pthread new python static linking dl pthread Dave Abrahams Bugs
#6145 MinGW / GCC 4.6.1 warns about conflicts between Boost.Thread and Boost.InterProcess (Win32 C API) new MinGW interprocess thread warning conflict Ion Gaztañaga Bugs
#7160 BOOST_DATE_TIME_POSIX_TIME_STD_CONFIG and DATE_TIME_NO_DEFAULT_CONSTRUCTOR new thread, asio, ptime, posix_time az_sw_dude Bugs
#7750 iostreams & thread cancellation issue new iostreams pthreads exceptions Jonathan Turkanis Bugs
#8884 boost asio in posix_event: lock release before condition signaled new race multi-thread chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#8885 boost asio epoll reactor method "set_ready_events" not protected by lock new boost asio multi-thread chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#8913 boost/asio/detail/posix_static_mutex.hpp: Ignores all failures from pthread_* functions new asio mutex pthread API failure chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#10878 boost::thread::attributes -> no non-variadic-support assigned thread,attributes,variadics viboes Feature Requests
#11345 Compilation with fails when BOOST_THREAD_VERSION=4 defined new log thread Andrey Semashev Bugs
#11477 Boost's thread and std's thread conflict reopened thread viboes Support Requests
#11798 Implementation of boost::shared_mutex on POSIX is suboptimal assigned pthread shared_mutex performance concurrency spinlock viboes Tasks
#12795 thread library - thread_specific_ptr documentation gives obsolete recomendation assigned thread_specific_ptr viboes Bugs
#13399 pthread_create segfaults when program is restarted after some time new Threads Asio TCP chris_kohlhoff Bugs
#13492 thread.cpp fails to compile when defining BOOST_NO_EXCEPTIONS assigned thread BOOST_NO_EXCEPTIONS viboes Bugs
#13561 boost::detail::nullary_function causes stack overflow when copied new stack,overflow,thread,future,nullary,function Anthony Williams Bugs
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