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#7397 Boost.Test, since boost 1.48 is using the deprecated Boost.Timer class - it should be updated to use the new class reopened Patches To Be Determined test
#11107 A lot of warnings on MSVC due to protected destructor being non-virtual assigned Tasks Boost 1.65.0 test
#11278 --detect_memory_leaks useless without --catch_system_errors=n assigned Bugs Boost 1.63.0 test
#12240 Documentation for data-driven testing should explictly mention std::tuple assigned Feature Requests To Be Determined test
#12902 boost test labels assigned Support Requests Boost 1.68.0 test
#13007 When BOOST_BIND_NO_PLACEHOLDERS is defined, framework.ipp seems to be missing an #include assigned Bugs Boost 1.65.0 test
#13106 libs/test/tools/console_test_runner does not compile. new Bugs To Be Determined test
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