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#1887 [doc] input_iterator_archetype is not a valid InputIterator new Dave Abrahams Bugs Boost 1.36.0
#1888 Why doesn't InputIterator require that reference is convertible to value_type? new jsiek Bugs Boost 1.36.0
#2068 Better path comparison for common.mkdir new Vladimir Prus Bugs
#2726 better control over error-handling in Accumulators new Eric Niebler Feature Requests To Be Determined
#3040 add ability to reset an accumulator_set new Eric Niebler Feature Requests Boost 1.40.0
#3954 fusion algorithms must be overloaded for const and non-const arguments new Joel de Guzman Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4829 select_holder test failing across many platforms on release new Dave Abrahams Bugs To Be Determined
#4830 generalize fusion::as_map and fusion::pair new Joel de Guzman Feature Requests To Be Determined
#4831 request for function object equivalents of all Fusion algorithms new Joel de Guzman Feature Requests To Be Determined
#6070 extends::operator() and operator= eagerly compute return type can result in hard error new Eric Niebler Bugs Boost 1.48.0
#6460 add xpressive grammar example to docs new Eric Niebler Tasks To Be Determined
#6828 functional/forward broken with decltype-based boost::result_of new t_schwinger Patches Boost 1.50.0
#7119 [proto] implement an implicit conversion function for expressions new Eric Niebler Feature Requests To Be Determined
#7192 [mpl] std::integral_constant support new Aleksey Gurtovoy Feature Requests Boost 1.52.0
#7364 ambiguity error constructing std::vector from assign::list_of new Thorsten Ottosen Bugs To Be Determined
#7904 doc: bad qbk macro __boost__ptr_map__ new t_schwinger Bugs To Be Determined
#8278 BOOST_ASSERT_MSG prerocessed out if NDEBUG is defined regardless of BOOST_ENABLE_ASSERT_HANDLER reopened Beman Dawes Bugs To Be Determined
#8280 missing reference docs for members of basic_managed_shared_memory new Ion Gaztañaga Bugs To Be Determined
#8281 interprocess docs refer to non-existant basic_managed_shared_memory::remove new Ion Gaztañaga Bugs To Be Determined
#8775 fusion transform and fold not respecting const-ness of the sequence new Joel de Guzman Bugs To Be Determined
#9562 boost::detail::operator_brackets_proxy::result_type::operator= return type is wrong new jeffrey.hellrung Bugs To Be Determined
#10452 std::vector does not work with rolling_mean new Eric Niebler Bugs To Be Determined
#11187 size function causing hard errors in unrelated code new Neil Groves Bugs To Be Determined
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