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#3609 select_reactor, result of select() isn't checked for error new chris_kohlhoff Bugs Boost 1.41.0
#3624 quote0 is missing new agurtovoy Feature Requests Boost 1.41.0
#3625 python detection randomly broken new vladimir_prus Bugs To Be Determined
#3650 Text Serialization crashes when istream close unexpectedly reopened ramey Feature Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3653 converter collisions behave differently debug|release new dave Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3673 boost python and weak_ptr from a shared_ptr argument assigned troy Feature Requests Boost 1.43.0
#3675 Boost.Parameter passing function pointers new danielw Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3683 Build fails on MacOS new vladimir_prus Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3690 regex depends on pthread library when boost is built with threading=single new vladimir_prus Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3710 error incorrect when calling boost::python function via functools.partial new troy Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3713 no straightforward way to convert fractional number of seconds to time duration new az_sw_dude Feature Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3720 templated comparison operators new fcacciola Feature Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3740 Documentation error in the MPL Reference manual new jfalcou Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3745 Remove deprecated class new jsiek Feature Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3769 darwin.jam: <cxxflags> should include framework paths new vladimir_prus Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3776 libs/python/src/object/class.cpp treats string constant as char* new dave Patches Boost 1.42.0
#3779 Warning using less_equal points to bug new agurtovoy Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3780 Patch for disabling strict aliasing warnings, changing reinterpret_cast's new dgregor Patches Boost 1.42.0
#3786 Incoherent views of various storage order new garcia Bugs To Be Determined
#3789 boost::object_pool::free() is very slow. new johnmaddock Bugs To Be Determined
#3792 Boolean Metafunction for determining whether a type has been registered new burbelgruff Support Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3813 program_options::options_description.add() permits duplicate options new s_ochsenknecht Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3841 error: Empty path passed to 'make-UNIX' new vladimir_prus Support Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3874 [map0 / insert] inserting into map0 does not work without including map10.hpp new agurtovoy Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3877 I don't see any doc for is_lvalue_iterator (and related metafunctions) new jeffrey.hellrung Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3880 Program_options -> wostream operator new s_ochsenknecht Feature Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3904 installing boost 1.42 does not update all include files in the destination directory new vladimir_prus Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#3908 using boost::gil fails when upgrading to libpng-1.4.0 reopened hljin Bugs Boost 1.54.0
#3918 MPI std::string serialization new troyer Support Requests
#3926 thread_specific_ptr + dlopen library causes a SIGSEGV. reopened viboes Bugs
#3930 More flexible dynamic linking for python module on OS X new dave Patches To Be Determined
#3935 stream<file_sink> does not throw an exception and not set fail/bad bits when file is wrong new turkanis Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#3936 [xpressive] stack overflow. assigned eric_niebler Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#3940 BOOST_SCOPE_EXIT without arguments reopened nasonov Feature Requests To Be Determined
#3943 LSB compliance for ASIO new chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests To Be Determined
#3948 Conflict between concept_check and shared_ptr new jsiek Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#3949 filesystem::rename() "does not exist" check is sometimes unwanted new bemandawes Feature Requests Boost 1.43.0
#3954 fusion algorithms must be overloaded for const and non-const arguments new djowel Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#3965 missing functions last_access_time() and last_status_change_time() assigned bemandawes Feature Requests Boost 1.43.0
#3982 mpl::at documentation out of sync with code new agurtovoy Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#3993 target-os=linux should imply threadapi=posix new vladimir_prus Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#3996 Enable use of BOOST_FOREACH over const-ref of noncopyable ptr_containers reopened nesotto Patches To Be Determined
#4011 Strange bug may be associated with rounded_transc_opp policy new bgubenko Bugs To Be Determined
#4028 fusion::begin and fusion::end lead to problems with ADL-based begin and end functions for ranges reopened djowel Bugs To Be Determined
#4029 Please document that the MPL -> Fusion adapter also works the other way new djowel Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4035 Milliseconds separated by other char than "." cannot be parsed by date_time_io new az_sw_dude Feature Requests Boost 1.43.0
#4040 Program Options has issues with options that support multiple tokens when using multiple parsers new vladimir_prus Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4068 Borland also needs private/public workaround in boost::exception new niels_dekker Patches Boost 1.43.0
#4111 Support for windmc tool new vladimir_prus Feature Requests Boost 1.44.0
#4125 Boost.Python should use macros to access members of PyMethodObject new dave Patches Boost 1.43.0
#4133 std::logic_error as a base class for program_options::error new vladimir_prus Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4147 Use target-os instead of os in Jamfiles new vladimir_prus Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4148 bootstrap.bat generates project-config.jam file as Unicode (UTF-16) new vladimir_prus Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4150 bool_switch() is exception-unsafe new vladimir_prus Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4151 option_description::option_description(3 args) is exception-unsafe new vladimir_prus Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4153 Add symlink support for bjam on Windows new vladimir_prus Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4155 function docstring signatures include self argument new dave Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4179 time_duration::operator*(int) has no versions for double and int64_t causing implicit truncating them to int32_t new andysem Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4186 BOOST date_time:"time_resolution_traits" undeclared or ambig error on IBM XL on AIX new az_sw_dude Bugs Boost 1.54.0
#4189 Add better support for non-default constructible function objects new jeffrey.hellrung Feature Requests Boost 1.43.0
#4239 Python on OSX is shipped as a Framework new dave Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4255 Documentation: No overflow-checking in accumulators, no precision guarantees new eric_niebler Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4259 Reference leak in boost::python::function::add_to_namespace() new rwgk Patches Boost 1.43.0
#4272 Wrong assumption about compiler for ARM g++ new chris_kohlhoff Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4283 Missing doygen features in boost book new steven_watanabe Feature Requests Boost 1.43.0
#4294 boost::asio::context_base should not depend on OpenSSL Types new chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests To Be Determined
#4295 Make tests fail when missing sources new vladimir_prus Feature Requests To Be Determined
#4298 boost build mpi fails to compile with CC: Sun C++ 5.9 SunOS_sparc Patch 124863-23 2010/04/13 new dgregor Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#4301 and_<true_>::type is false_ new jfalcou Bugs Boost 1.46.0
#4349 Autolinking against debug STLport new dave Bugs To Be Determined
#4351 boost 1_43_0 BOOST_MPL_ASSERT compile error (gcc 4.2) new jfalcou Bugs Boost 1.46.0
#4356 small change to allow mpl code to compile with nvcc (the compiler for cuda) new jfalcou Patches Boost 1.43.0
#4357 mpl::equal for associative sequences new jfalcou Feature Requests Boost 1.46.0
#4359 boost bind doesn't work with inherited structures new pdimov Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4360 Borland / Codegear patch for boost::enable_error_info new emildotchevski Patches Boost 1.43.0
#4376 Compilation failure on Solaris 5.9, 5.10, because of non existent membar_producer(membar_consumer) new chris_kohlhoff Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4378 numeric/interval/hw_rounding.hpp upgrade to accept __SUNPRO_CC rounding control mechanism new bgubenko Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4381 GCC previous to 4.3.x does not implement inclass member initialization new dave Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4424 Program using Boost.Asio stops processing the request new chris_kohlhoff Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4427 for_each does not take a non-const Function object reopened djowel Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4428 serial_port Bugs new chris_kohlhoff Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4430 date_time missing "America/Toronto" time zone new az_sw_dude Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4438 Possible infinite loop in boost:: filesystem::copy_file for unix new bemandawes Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4440 MSVC doesn't work with bounded_vector's of size 0 new guwi17 Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4441 SFINAE for operator * breaking auto differentiation code new guwi17 Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4442 Simple implementation of operator * for matrices with 0 complexity assigned david.bellot Patches To Be Determined
#4443 Bounded vector constructor missing explicit and an initialization version new guwi17 Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4461 build failure with debug, mpi, and python options on macintosh new dgregor Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4464 gccxml error with msvc 9 and boost new burbelgruff Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4466 "multiple paths" algorithms new asutton Feature Requests To Be Determined
#4473 OpenVMS patch for Asio new chris_kohlhoff Patches Boost 1.44.0
#4476 OpenVMS patch for 64 bit support new dgregor Patches Boost 1.44.0
#4479 OpenVMS fixes for system library new bemandawes Patches Boost 1.44.0
#4489 References to function object types new djwalker Feature Requests To Be Determined
#4494 recursive_directory_iterator throws unexpectedly in the non-throw mode assigned bemandawes Feature Requests Boost 1.44.0
#4510 [program_options]: implicit_value and positional options conflict new vladimir_prus Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4526 [MSVC 10 & 9 & 8] forward declarations of concept checked function templates don't work (compiler bug?) new jsiek Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4528 Reference to stack memory associated with local variable 'x' returned new danielw Bugs Boost 1.44.0
#4529 Failing to set TTL on ICMP packets on Windows Vista with MinGW. new chris_kohlhoff Bugs To Be Determined
#4534 Wrong URL in upper-left, new grafik Bugs Boost 1.44.0
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