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#2539 advance() and distance() for new iterator concepts new jeffrey.hellrung Bugs Boost 1.38.0
#2565 posix_chat_client.cpp does not work on mac os x reopened chris_kohlhoff Bugs To Be Determined
#2628 Sequence concept incorrectly fails for basic_string assigned acharles Bugs Boost 1.56.0
#2635 date_time input_facet formatting new az_sw_dude Bugs Boost 1.38.0
#2640 Legal forward iterators cannot store their referents (was: counting_iterator::reference lifetime tied to iterator) new jeffrey.hellrung Bugs Boost 1.38.0
#2674 request to make BOOST_PARAMETER_MAX_ARITY re-defineable new Daniel Wallin Feature Requests Boost 1.38.0
#2676 CodeGear compile error when including utility/result_of.hpp new Douglas Gregor Bugs Boost 1.38.0
#2692 No concepts supporting the idea of dense assigned Gunter Feature Requests To Be Determined
#2718 local_date_time noticeably faster than ptime new az_sw_dude Bugs To Be Determined
#2726 better control over error-handling in Accumulators new Eric Niebler Feature Requests To Be Determined
#2730 Boostbook might place many authors on one line? new No-Maintainer Feature Requests To Be Determined
#2732 boost bjam install respects umask assigned Vladimir Prus Bugs Boost 1.38.0
#2833 extract result during initialization new Eric Niebler Feature Requests Boost 1.39.0
#2960 Composing argument pack formed with positional arguments, using the comma operator new Daniel Wallin Bugs To Be Determined
#3054 boost::python doesn't support implicit intrusive_ptr casts new troy d. straszheim Bugs Boost 1.40.0
#3967 Parsing dates using date_input_facet accepts wrong input new az_sw_dude Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#6096 Consider __GNUC__ in and.hpp / or.hpp new Aleksey Gurtovoy Feature Requests To Be Determined
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