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#3109 time_duration::total_seconds() - overflow new az_sw_dude Bugs To Be Determined
#3504 deadline_timer (based on UTC time) is not suitable for communication timeouts reopened chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests To Be Determined
#3653 converter collisions behave differently debug|release new Dave Abrahams Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3673 boost python and weak_ptr from a shared_ptr argument assigned troy d. straszheim Feature Requests Boost 1.43.0
#3675 Boost.Parameter passing function pointers new Daniel Wallin Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3683 Build fails on MacOS new Vladimir Prus Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3699 boost::asio support allocator parameter new chris_kohlhoff Feature Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3710 error incorrect when calling boost::python function via functools.partial new troy d. straszheim Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3716 Application crash when using Boost.Python in a plug-in DLL for that application new Dave Abrahams Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3720 templated comparison operators new Fernando Cacciola Feature Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3732 Detect platform to choose delimiter to use for reading options from command line new Vladimir Prus Feature Requests
#3733 Detect platform to choose the conventional option for help new Vladimir Prus Feature Requests
#3738 adding support of other systems of time and converting from each one to other new az_sw_dude Feature Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3740 Documentation error in the MPL Reference manual new Joel Falcou Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3745 Remove deprecated class new jsiek Feature Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3767 Support for Frameworks on OSX + Qt4 new Vladimir Prus Feature Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3769 darwin.jam: <cxxflags> should include framework paths new Vladimir Prus Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3776 libs/python/src/object/class.cpp treats string constant as char* new Dave Abrahams Patches Boost 1.42.0
#3779 Warning using less_equal points to bug new Aleksey Gurtovoy Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3786 Incoherent views of various storage order new Ronald Garcia Bugs To Be Determined
#3789 boost::object_pool::free() is very slow. new John Maddock Bugs To Be Determined
#3790 parameterize SBO size on boost::function new Douglas Gregor Feature Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3791 incorrect postcondition in documentation new Aleksey Gurtovoy Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3792 Boolean Metafunction for determining whether a type has been registered new Peder Holt Support Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3813 program_options::options_description.add() permits duplicate options new Sascha Ochsenknecht Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3841 error: Empty path passed to 'make-UNIX' new Vladimir Prus Support Requests Boost 1.42.0
#3874 [map0 / insert] inserting into map0 does not work without including map10.hpp new Aleksey Gurtovoy Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3877 I don't see any doc for is_lvalue_iterator (and related metafunctions) new jeffrey.hellrung Bugs Boost 1.42.0
#3918 MPI std::string serialization new Matthias Troyer Support Requests
#4239 Python on OSX is shipped as a Framework new Dave Abrahams Bugs Boost 1.43.0
#5584 gzip_decompressor sometimes truncates data new Jonathan Turkanis Bugs To Be Determined
#6992 accumulator's median feature skips 1st two data points. assigned Eric Niebler Bugs To Be Determined
#10810 Property tree XML parser eats whitespace of text elements new Sebastian Redl Bugs To Be Determined
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