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Type: Bugs (19 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type
#1396 wrong result_of invocation around transform_view new Bugs
#3954 fusion algorithms must be overloaded for const and non-const arguments new Bugs
#4028 fusion::begin and fusion::end lead to problems with ADL-based begin and end functions for ranges reopened Bugs
#4228 Associative containers performance new Bugs
#4577 invoke() uses invalid boost::result_of<> new Bugs
#7304 size of a fusion sequences is signed, should be unsigned new Bugs
#7305 zip_view silently ignores elements new Bugs
#7700 remove_if with Placeholder Expression as predicate causes instantiation of PlaceHolder Expression before argument binding in GCC 4.7.2 new Bugs
#8775 fusion transform and fold not respecting const-ness of the sequence new Bugs
#11225 failed to compile with msvc8, variadics used wrong new Bugs
#11682 fusion::pair not compatible with std::is_default_constructible new Bugs
#11787 fusion for_each turns array reference const on msvc new Bugs
#11932 Binary MPL transform on empty fusion sequences does not work new Bugs
#12331 BOOST_FUSION_ADAPT_STRUCT doesn't work with empty struct on Visual Studio reopened Bugs
#12344 boost::fusion::extension::struct_member_name doesn't work with a const sequence new Bugs
#12423 fusion::make_map breaks when passing references new Bugs
#12436 BOOST_FUSION_DEFINE_STRUCT fails if a member type starts with "::" new Bugs
#12732 Karma problem converting a char vector to string new Bugs
#13629 boost::fusion::make_map cannot be called with boost::fusion::vector new Bugs

Type: Feature Requests (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type
#1404 Unordered Fusion Map constructors. new Feature Requests
#2087 enable in-place construction of fusion container content new Feature Requests
#3446 [boost] [fusion] transform does not return a mutable view new Feature Requests
#4697 [fusion]fold with join functor fails compile in category_of.hpp new Feature Requests
#4830 generalize fusion::as_map and fusion::pair new Feature Requests
#4831 request for function object equivalents of all Fusion algorithms new Feature Requests
#6300 c++11: Provide move semantic for tuple class and factory functions new Feature Requests
#6965 Handling of sequence of non const reference new Feature Requests
#10027 Allow template parameters with types rather than hardcode typename in BOOST_FUSION_DEFINE_TPL_STRUCT_INLINE (and friends) new Feature Requests
#12041 fusion::traits for proxy types new Feature Requests

Type: Patches (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Type
#4569 [patch] fusion::unfused reusability / perfect forwarding new Patches
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