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Type: Bugs (20 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type
#5558 Phoenix bind doesn't support bind<type> construct assigned Bugs
#5687 some evaluation functions do not work with BOOST_RESULT_OF_USE_DECLTYPE reopened Bugs
#6026 phoenix block statement tries to copy objects instead of references assigned Bugs
#6454 Problem when using phoenix::_if with boost::optional in Spirit new Bugs
#6911 [Phoenix V3] Add tr1_result_of specialization assigned Bugs
#7481 lambda_tests.test fails to compile with BOOST_RESULT_OF_USE_DECLTYPE new Bugs
#7625 container.hpp should get reference, etc., from the iterator types new Bugs
#7633 Wanted: a way to force a nested result_type new Bugs
#7730 Generic specializations of is_nullary for custom terminals are not possible new Bugs
#7953 phoenix & std::valarray leads to a segfault new Bugs
#7996 phoenix::bind does not protoify the bound arguments new Bugs
#8298 Clang error with Boost Phoenix Local Name Assignment using C++11 new Bugs
#8504 BOOST_PHOENIX_LIMIT can only be set to a multiple of 10 new Bugs
#8564 Variable hiding errors within nested let blocks in Phoenix new Bugs
#9260 Phoenix switch_ statements accessing wrong memory and cause segfault new Bugs
#9295 PHOENIX_LIMIT macro clash: property_tree -- log/sink new Bugs
#9362 Non-const operator() don't compile new Bugs
#9742 for_each causes funny behavior in phoenix V3 expressions new Bugs
#11200 Error when compiling log_setup by compiler Intel C++ 14.0 new Bugs
#11705 Phoenix function defining operator() with non-const reference parameter fails to compile with C++ 11. new Bugs

Type: Feature Requests (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type
#5541 Partial function application new Feature Requests
#6299 c++11: Provide move semantic for bind function new Feature Requests
#7199 Lazy at_key for phoenix new Feature Requests
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