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#1540 Poisson distribution very slow for large mean (and may also overflow). Steven Watanabe Bugs Boost 1.34.1 Problem
#1544 uniform_01 w/ref template param causes ref to ref error No-Maintainer Bugs Boost 1.34.1 Problem
#1882 Fix assertion in uniform_real Bugs Boost 1.35.0 Problem
#2026 random does not compile on gcc with -ansi -pedantic Steven Watanabe Bugs Boost 1.35.0 Problem
#2027 FreeBSD specific patches to boost 1.34.0 No-Maintainer Patches Boost 1.34.0 Showstopper

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Version Severity Ticket
#1856 minstd_rand returning different values in 1.35.0 than in 1.34.1 No-Maintainer Bugs Boost 1.35.0 Problem
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