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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Ticket
#6 tie in utility.hpp and tuple.hpp clash. jmaurer Bugs None 5
#154 def.hpp causes errors nobody Support Requests None 5
#161 Cannot compile octonion_test.cpp because of bug in sinc.hpp mark_rodgers Bugs None 5
#298 boost::filesystem is systematically broken beman_dawes Bugs None 5
#399 Support for embedded VC++ 4.0 Peter Dimov Feature Requests smart_ptr 5
#422 Linker Error : File 'boost_regex_vc7_mdid.lib' not found. nobody Support Requests None 5
#423 Grep() hangs for a particular string nobody Support Requests None 5
#436 Regex build fails under VC8 Beta 2 x64 cross tools John Maddock Bugs regex 5
#511 predicates without default constructor fail to compile nobody Bugs graph 5
#569 rational::operator<(rational) fails due to overflow Jonathan Turkanis Patches None 5
#576 Calling subgraph::global_to_local on a root graph jsiek Bugs graph 5
#582 Fixes for build on IBM pSeries for AIX and Linux nobody Patches None 5
#630 a coding error in the file: regex_traits_defaults.cpp John Maddock Bugs regex 5
#641 "edmunds_karps" jsiek Bugs graph 5
#742 boost::none redifinition jsiek Bugs graph 5
#772 Graph vs. Multi_index for geometric algorithms joaquintides Support Requests multi_index 5
#774 regex_replace is not thread safe when format = $N John Maddock Bugs regex 5
#951 Accidental duplicate of 458658 - please ignore! John Maddock Bugs regex 5
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