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Tuple Library Documentation Changes

Reported by: Charles Brockman <cmbrockman@…> Owned by: Joel de Guzman
Milestone: Boost 1.36.0 Component: tuple
Version: Severity: Problem
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In the Boost Tuple Users Guide (/trunk/libs/tuple/doc/tuple_users_guide.html), I suggest the following changes.

In the The make_tuple function section:

(see the fifth code line below)

should be

(see the sixth code line below)

In the Accessing tuple elements section:

Violations of these constrains are...

should be

Violations of these constraints are...


...when writing code that shoud compile with MSVC++ 6.0.

should be

...when writing code that should compile with MSVC++ 6.0.

In the Performance section:

...using hand written tuple like classes.

should be

...using hand-written tuple-like classes.

In the Effect on Compile Time section:

Compile time increases between 5 to 10 percentages...

should be

Compile time increases between 5 and 10 percent...

In the Streaming section:

cin >> tuples::set_open('[') >> tuples::set_close(']') >> 

should be

cin >> tuples::set_open('[') >> tuples::set_close(']') >> 

[tules becomes tuples]

HTML Markup After the line Note particularly that the following is perfectly ok: the text:

Y y;
tuple<char(&)[10], Y&>(a, y); 

is enclosed both in a <pre></pre> block and a <code></code> block. The <pre></pre> markup is illegal here and should be removed.

The same error appears two more times. First in the HTML markup after ...the tuples subnamespace. For example: and then again after The code:

There are several instances where < or > characters are used and should be replaced with the character references &lt; and &gt;. An HTML validator will point them out.

In Tuple library advanced features (/trunk/libs/tuple/doc/tuple_advanced_interface.html):

...nonmeber and member get functions...

should be

...nonmember and member get functions...

HTML Markup The <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000"> tag appears within the <head></head> section of the page and must be moved to a position after the </head> tag. The <body> tag is superfluous.

Also, the tag <IMG SRC="../../../boost.png" ALT="C++ Boost" width="277" height="86"> must be moved to a position within the <body></body> section.

After The internal representation of the empty tuple... the markup


should be


[Adding a trailing semicolon.]

There are five instances in which a <pre></pre> block is nested inside a <code></code> or a <code></code> block is nested inside a <pre></pre> block. The <pre></pre> blocks should be removed so that the computer code resides only within a <code></code> block. A pass of the page through an HTML validator will point out this and other problem areas.

Six instances of erroneous <pre></pre> blocks also exist in the Tuple Library : design decisions rationale page (/trunk/libs/tuple/doc/design_decisions_rationale.html).

Also on that design decisions rationale page in the parenthetical phrase after Other orderings were considered, mainly dominance... the HTML markup contains


which should be changed to


The <!DOCTYPE> tag is missing on the page.

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Fixed in [53218].

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