Jun 14, 2002:

8:38 PM Changeset [14147] by vesa_karvonen
Using private detail CAT to avoid DELAY macros
5:04 PM Changeset [14146] by tknapen
removed arch-dep '-tpp6' flag
4:00 PM Changeset [14145] by Thomas Witt
Fixed timestamp.
3:58 PM Changeset [14144] by Thomas Witt
Added uBLAS.
10:29 AM Ticket #91 (boost::threads uses msvc only function?) created by matzebraun
4:55 AM Changeset [14143] by René Rivera
Minor change to default values for SUFDLL and gSHELL_LIBPATH in …
12:41 AM Changeset [14142] by jsiek
added set_subset function

Jun 13, 2002:

4:08 PM Changeset [220] by pfg23
Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 6.0 workspace and project files.
4:05 PM Changeset [219] by pfg23
This test program uses Boost's test library, can can be run from the …
3:49 PM Changeset [14141] by tknapen
added -tpp6 optimsation flag. Speeds up a lot for pentium pro or higher
2:06 PM Changeset [14140] by david_abrahams
fixed missing template parameter
11:27 AM Changeset [14139] by John Maddock
Added | to the list of characters that are not literals.
10:30 AM Changeset [14138] by John Maddock
Changed template function overload to wchar_t overload.
7:49 AM Changeset [14137] by joerg_walter
Added Toon Knapen's *_indirect and zero_* classes, fixed some bugs.

Jun 12, 2002:

9:59 PM Changeset [14136] by david_abrahams
reference<> => handle<>
9:57 PM Changeset [14135] by david_abrahams
Fix refcounting bug
8:52 PM Changeset [14134] by david_abrahams
expect_non_null optimization
4:56 PM Changeset [14133] by René Rivera
Reworked the architecture feature into architecture+instruction-set. …
4:49 PM Changeset [14132] by rgarcia
Fixed a bug in const_associative_property_map.
4:35 PM Changeset [218] by pfg23
Replaced tabs with spaces to eliminate formatting variation on various …
4:32 PM Changeset [217] by pfg23
Clarified a comment or two.
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