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Jun 26, 2017: Today

11:59 AM Ticket #13096 (boost::geometry::intersection results depend on polypoints inputorder) created by kle@…
Hello, when calculating the intersection of the givin polygons, the …

Jun 25, 2017: Yesterday

1:35 PM Ticket #13051 (Do the spin lock respect priority?) closed by andysem
invalid: There is no spin_lock implementation in Boost.Atomic. There are …
1:28 PM Ticket #13070 (boost_1_64_0\boost/atomic/detail/bitwise_cast.hpp : warning C4819) closed by andysem
fixed: I don't understand the warning message but from MSDN it looks like it …
10:26 AM Ticket #13095 (Streaming mit TV Frog - So funktioniert es) created by tvfrogbox
Den TV Frog installieren Nachdem die TV Frog Box mit dem TV, …

Jun 24, 2017:

2:57 PM Ticket #12901 (time_point.hpp includes <iostream> header) closed by viboes
2:56 PM Ticket #12519 (boost::thread::try_join_for does not return after timeout) closed by viboes
2:56 PM Ticket #12888 (Linking with boost thread does not work on mingw/gcc 4.4) closed by viboes
2:56 PM Ticket #12874 (future<> extension constructor must be under ...) closed by viboes
2:56 PM Ticket #12958 (sync_bounded_queue::wait_pull_front( lve ) might throw) closed by viboes
2:55 PM Ticket #6787 (boost::thread::sleep() hangs if system time is rolled back) closed by viboes
2:45 PM Ticket #12999 (Please use BOOST_NOEXCEPT_OR_NOTHROW to avoid warnings) closed by viboes
2:34 PM Ticket #13067 (Boost unit test "sync_pq_multi_thread_p_lib.exe" hung in thread library) closed by viboes
duplicate: #13069
2:50 AM Ticket #13094 (boost::adaptors::transform fails to preserve bidirectional behavior of ...) closed by michel
invalid: Random Access Traversal Iterator (in the Boost iterator traversal …
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