May 19, 2011:

11:25 PM Changeset [72052] by bemandawes
Fix APPLE configuration problem that was causing Boost B-tree to …
8:57 PM Changeset [72051] by bemandawes
Improve acknowledgments
8:48 PM Changeset [72050] by bemandawes
Initial commit. Incomplete.
8:39 PM Changeset [72049] by bemandawes
Folder for misc infrastructure stuff
8:37 PM Changeset [72048] by chenry
added missing placeholder
2:43 PM Changeset [72047] by lcaminiti
Upd docs.
2:36 PM Changeset [72046] by lcaminiti
Upd docs.
2:30 PM Ticket #5553 (Access violation caused by boost::unit_test::make_test_case on Windows) created by Balint SZENTE <balint@…>
The unit test main application built in DEBUG mode generates access …
2:03 PM Ticket #5552 (get_wmi_class_attribute hangs on win2003) created by anonymous
I found this problem while I was using shared_memory. Function hangs …
12:06 PM Ticket #4471 (Kahan sum) closed by eric_niebler
fixed: (In [72045]) add kahan sum, fixes #4471
12:06 PM Changeset [72045] by eric_niebler
add kahan sum, fixes #4471
10:18 AM Changeset [72044] by eric_niebler
merge [71978] from trunk
9:32 AM Changeset [72043] by johnmaddock
Add needed missing files.
4:12 AM Changeset [72042] by pbouchard
* Renamed macro
4:06 AM Ticket #5551 (bcp fails to extract a buildable version of filesystem library) created by David Willis <dawillis@…>
bcp fails to add the path libs/filesystem/build when …
2:39 AM Changeset [72041] by djowel
refactoring tweaks
2:01 AM Changeset [72040] by djowel
Fixed bug where lazy_parser and lazy_directive are not respecting the …
1:14 AM Changeset [72039] by pmenso57
workaround for VC++ in combination with bad code in scope_exit and signals2
12:09 AM Changeset [72038] by pbouchard
* Renamed macro

May 18, 2011:

10:20 PM Changeset [72037] by pbouchard
* Regenerated docs
9:53 PM Changeset [72036] by chenry
merged revisions 72032-72035
9:46 PM Changeset [72035] by chenry
added missing example + doc item (phoenix)
9:37 PM Changeset [72034] by pbouchard
* Cleaned up redir
9:34 PM Changeset [72033] by chenry
merged revisions 68194-72031
9:05 PM Changeset [72032] by chenry
new version for 1.47
7:07 PM Ticket #5533 (BOOST_MPL_CFG_NO_PREPROCESSED_HEADERS redefined) closed by chenry
7:06 PM Changeset [72031] by chenry
fixed trac ticket 5533
6:43 PM Ticket #5550 (Missing initializer warning in date_time/date_facet.hpp) created by Derek McGowan <derek@…>
include/boost/date_time/date_facet.hpp is causing a compiler warning …
6:09 PM Changeset [72030] by barendgehrels
Fixed geometry::equals for high precision - testcase (in this fix …
6:06 PM Changeset [72029] by barendgehrels
Fixed geometry::equals for high precision
6:05 PM Ticket #5210 (JSON writer does not allow attributes and children in the same node) closed by cornedbee
invalid: Your XML contains whitespace between the various elements, and it is …
4:18 PM Changeset [72028] by mariomulansky
some points in TODO for andrew
3:41 PM Ticket #5549 (FTBFS due to chrono/detail/inlined/posix/thread_clock.hpp) created by Peter Schueller <ps@…>
Between 71950 and 71963 a bug was introduced, I can no longer build …
3:34 PM Ticket #5210 (JSON writer does not allow attributes and children in the same node) reopened by Christian Ceelen <christian.ceelen@…>
Thanks. I see this check is mandatory. I was poking into this function …
1:41 PM Ticket #5548 (Boost interprocess shared memory mutex requires root permissions on Linux) created by habdank@…
Programs that uses shared memory, especially shared memory mutex on …
8:02 AM Changeset [72027] by barendgehrels
Fixed (embarrassing but non-harmful) bug for performance shortcut
7:27 AM Ticket #5464 (Problem with implicit value in program options) closed by vladimir_prus
6:30 AM Changeset [72026] by pbouchard
* Synced docs
4:13 AM Changeset [72025] by pbouchard
* Optimimzed redir
12:10 AM Ticket #5547 (boost::range::join ambiguous with boost::algorithm::join) created by chris.byrne@…
= Summary = Calling boost::join with an iterator range when both …

May 17, 2011:

9:46 PM Changeset [72024] by chris_kohlhoff
* Add move constructors and assignment operators to endpoint and …
9:14 PM Changeset [72023] by vexocide
Miscellaneous changes
6:37 PM Changeset [72022] by chenry
fixed gcc warnings
6:22 PM Changeset [72021] by karsten
adams bashforth continued
6:17 PM Ticket #4364 (boost/mpl warning cleanup) closed by jfalcou
fixed: Fixed in revison 72020
6:16 PM Changeset [72020] by jfalcou
Applied an adapted version of patch from Ticket #4364
12:45 PM Ticket #5546 (BUFT generates invalid XML) created by habdank@…
The option --log_format=XML in BUTF generates corrupted XML. …
12:19 PM Changeset [72019] by johnmaddock
Merge updated Boost.Math from Trunk to Release.
11:26 AM Changeset [72018] by garcia
Fixed John Phillips' email address.
11:24 AM Changeset [72017] by garcia
Context Library accepted provisionally.
11:00 AM Changeset [72016] by johnmaddock
Merge documentation update for Boost.Regex.
9:17 AM Changeset [72015] by vexocide
Removed the reserve test
8:52 AM Changeset [72014] by vexocide
Added a test for integral types
5:36 AM Changeset [72013] by pbouchard
* Missing files
5:34 AM Changeset [72012] by pbouchard
* Updated latest reference doc
4:47 AM Changeset [72011] by pbouchard
* Text error correction
12:05 AM Changeset [72010] by garcia
Added Local library to the schedule.
12:03 AM Changeset [72009] by pbouchard
* Reenabled raw pointer macro
12:01 AM Changeset [72008] by pbouchard
* Made reset with raw pointer hidden
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