Sep 20, 2012:

11:42 PM Changeset [80611] by awulkiew
Added query_expr.hpp
11:34 PM Ticket #7397 (Boost.Test, since boost 1.48 is using the deprecated Boost.Timer class ...) created by ja11sop@…
Boost 1.48 introduced a new Boost.Timer library, deprecating the old …
9:48 PM Changeset [80610] by bruno.lalande
Added support for variant geometries in area algorithms.
6:21 PM Changeset [80609] by johnmaddock
Fix Intel -x64 failures.
5:06 PM Changeset [80608] by eric_niebler
4:04 PM Changeset [80607] by johnmaddock
Add traits class to determine default ExpressionTemplate? parameter …
12:33 AM Changeset [80606] by steven_watanabe
Initial work on better error messages.

Sep 19, 2012:

11:10 PM Changeset [80605] by djwalker
SFINAE enabled result_of fixes [7343]
10:55 PM Ticket #7396 (filesystem::path::remove_all(path, error_code) throws filesystem_error ...) created by Craig Dickson <cdickson@…>
Several methods in filesystem::path, including remove_all, have an …
10:52 PM Changeset [80604] by steven_watanabe
More description of the print_sequence example.
10:51 PM Changeset [80603] by steven_watanabe
Copy/paste error: A free function is not a member function.
10:49 PM Changeset [80602] by steven_watanabe
Add some comments
10:46 PM Changeset [80601] by steven_watanabe
7:25 PM Changeset [80600] by guwi17
* libs/numeric/ublas/test/utils.hpp: use 'using ::std' instead of full …
6:57 PM Changeset [80599] by guwi17
* libs/numeric/ublas/test/test_triangular.cpp - remove unused …
6:22 PM Ticket #7390 (clean up stale tickets) closed by ljsimons
6:22 PM Changeset [80598] by edupuis
Boost::pool replacement: work in progress.
6:08 PM Changeset [80597] by ljsimons
using Andrii's event point construction and added support for multiple …
3:23 PM Ticket #7367 (Ambiguity with nested list_of on C++11/C++0x compilers) closed by eric_niebler
duplicate: Dupe of https://svn.boost.org/trac/boost/ticket/7364
3:20 PM Ticket #7395 (smart_cast.hpp fails with BOOST_NO_EXCEPTIONS (-fno-exceptions)) created by phishman3579@…
3:12 PM Ticket #7394 (system_error.hpp fails with BOOST_NO_EXCEPTIONS (-fno-exceptions)) created by phishman3579@…
In file included from …
12:48 PM Ticket #7393 (documentation suggests to store handle in node, why?) created by Alex Hagen-Zanker <ahh34@…>
The documentation of the mutability concept includes a section that …
10:17 AM Ticket #7392 (boost::asio::ip::tcp::socket::is_open returns true even if socket is ...) created by Valentin Shtronda <valiko.ua@…>
socket.connect() failed with error code 10060: "A connection attempt …
7:32 AM Ticket #7391 (phoenix::insert compile fails with libc++) created by Naomasa Matsubayashi
Following code produces a compile error with libc++. […] That is …
3:20 AM Changeset [80596] by ljsimons
initial checkin of skeleton algorithm
1:22 AM Ticket #5140 (boost.polygon and stlport) closed by ljsimons
invalid: This looks like an Intel internal issue that should not have been …
12:50 AM Ticket #6560 (The intersection of these two polygons returns an empty result) closed by ljsimons
wontfix: Robust operations with 64 bit integer coordinates are not supported …
12:36 AM Ticket #6051 (iT::value_type should use iterator_traits (needed for SunCC/stlport4 ...) closed by ljsimons
12:36 AM Ticket #6052 (unqualified sqrt() fails with SunCC) closed by ljsimons
12:36 AM Ticket #6366 (Bug in "boost::polygon::contains" for polygon_90 type) closed by ljsimons
fixed: This was fixed a long time ago.
12:35 AM Ticket #5103 (Boost Polygon: The union of these two polygon return an empty result.) closed by ljsimons
worksforme: This was apparently fixed a very long time ago or never a problem. My …
12:30 AM Ticket #6880 (Boost Polygon c++11 problem) closed by ljsimons
12:26 AM Ticket #6881 (boost polygon uses undefined std::endl) closed by ljsimons
12:26 AM Changeset [80595] by ljsimons
fixed std::cout for clang
12:16 AM Changeset [80594] by viboes
Thread: Added missing what() virtual function of future_error

Sep 18, 2012:

11:51 PM Ticket #7312 (boost::result_of can't eval C++2011 lambda 's return type,should use ...) closed by viboes
duplicate: duplicate #7311
11:15 PM Ticket #7060 (polygon::voronoi doesn't compile) closed by ljsimons
11:13 PM Ticket #7154 ([polygon] Build fails with gcc-4.7) closed by ljsimons
11:10 PM Changeset [80593] by viboes
Thread: Added missing what() virtual function of future_error
9:41 PM Changeset [80592] by guwi17
* boost/numeric/ublas/operation/size.hpp: apply patch, see #5812
9:40 PM Changeset [80591] by guwi17
* boost/numeric/ublas/vector_sparse.hpp: add ifdef …
9:14 PM Changeset [80590] by guwi17
* add missing test from [80588], see #4024
9:13 PM Changeset [80589] by asydorchuk
Polygon: merging recent trunk fixes: removing all static data from the …
9:07 PM Tickets #6511,​6514,​7296,​7297 batch updated by guwi17
fixed: (In [80588]) merge …
9:07 PM Changeset [80588] by guwi17
merge …
9:02 PM Changeset [80587] by asydorchuk
Polygon: Fixing precision of the sss lazy functor.
8:51 PM Changeset [80586] by guwi17
* libs/numeric/ublas/test/Jamfile.v2: see #7363 - separate test of COO …
8:39 PM Changeset [80585] by asydorchuk
Removing static variables from the Voronoi code.
8:11 PM Changeset [80584] by apolukhin
Workaround MSVC2012 error in lexical_cast_test.cpp
7:53 PM Changeset [80583] by asydorchuk
Polygon: acutally adding skeleton predicates header file.
6:20 PM Changeset [80582] by jewillco
Added more enable_ifs to try to get code working on VC++
5:53 PM Changeset [80581] by eric_niebler
xpressive: merge [80300], [80312], [80357] from trunk
5:02 PM Changeset [80580] by johnmaddock
Remove dead code.
5:00 PM Changeset [80579] by eric_niebler
proto: merge [80353] from trunk to release
4:51 PM Changeset [80578] by igaztanaga
Performance improvements for offset_ptr
4:47 PM Changeset [80577] by johnmaddock
Fix GCC C++11 mode failures. Tidy up TODO list.
4:44 PM Changeset [80576] by igaztanaga
Fixed return value for get_file_type, according to winapi GetFileType?
4:38 PM Changeset [80575] by igaztanaga
Applied pass by value to save copy constructors for pointers with …
3:39 PM Ticket #7390 (clean up stale tickets) created by ljsimons
Several old tickets for Polygon need to be checked if they are still a …
2:50 PM Ticket #7389 (__STDC_LIMIT_MACROS can be redefined by boost when using mingw32) created by chfast@…
On Windows, compiling with mingw32, STDC_LIMIT_MACROS macro is …
2:47 PM Ticket #7388 (path::wchar_t_codecvt_facet() on linux always ignore my locale, which ...) created by Brazhnick Kirill <kirk2003@…>
Hello! Sorry, in this code of path::wchar_t_codecvt_facet: […] …
2:02 PM Changeset [80574] by garcia
Contract is accepted.
12:26 PM Ticket #7387 (marginal improvements to dijkstra_shortest_paths) created by Alex Hagen-Zanker <ahh34@…>
There are a couple of details in the dijkstra_shortest_path …
11:24 AM Changeset [80573] by jhunold
clients using Boost.Atomic as a shared library need …
9:57 AM Ticket #7386 (Bad windows codepage name - gb2312 (Simplified Chinese Codepage)) created by jiaywe@…
In wconv_codepage.ipp …
9:06 AM Changeset [80572] by olli
context: merge of 80553 (impl)
8:34 AM Changeset [80571] by olli
context: merge from 80553 (headers
6:08 AM Changeset [80570] by viboes
Thread: Complete future reference documentation
3:27 AM Changeset [80569] by jewillco
Trying to remove unnecessary member accesses (that might not exist) …
2:50 AM Changeset [80568] by jeffrey.hellrung
Merging boost/iterator and libs/iterator trunk to release.
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