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Oct 19, 2017: Today

11:08 AM Ticket #13265 (boost atomic lib memory_order error) created by haisql@…
boost atomic lib memory_order error. someone deleted …

Oct 18, 2017: Yesterday

8:06 PM Ticket #13264 (Floating point math going wrong using cpp_bin_float with 64 bit exponent) created by private@…
I tried the following: […] Unfortunately this doesn't work. I …
8:01 PM CommunityMaintenance edited by James E. King, III
Removed boostorg/format from the list of libraries maintained by CMT. (diff)
7:21 PM Ticket #10852 (boost format operator % won't accept dereference of volatile) closed by James E. King, III
obsolete: Issue moved to github: https://github.com/boostorg/format/issues/36
7:10 PM Ticket #10541 (boost::format support for Microsoft extension length modifier prefixes ...) closed by James E. King, III
obsolete: I am going to move this over to github.
7:09 PM Ticket #8452 (Conflict between Boost.Format and filtered_graph in Boost.Graph) closed by James E. King, III
invalid: Sample code showing this failure is required as the explanation is complex.
6:53 PM Ticket #6815 (Compile time checking of format string (e.g. in printf)) closed by James E. King, III
wontfix: This implementation is incomplete so I am going to mark it as wontfix. …
6:35 PM Ticket #6553 (Boost.Format - format object implicitly converts to string) closed by James E. King, III
wontfix: Closing as wontfix, as the request is not specific enough and …
1:28 PM Ticket #4659 (I have 4 new conversion chars I want) closed by James E. King, III
wontfix: I like the idea of adding more functionality. Specifically I think …
1:12 PM Ticket #4658 ((boost::format("%u") % (unsigned char)2).str(); error result) closed by James E. King, III
wontfix: Resolving this as wontfix because it is working as designed. The …

Oct 17, 2017:

11:39 PM Ticket #13263 (error in boost lockfree 1.58 documentation) created by anonymous
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