Nov 30, 2013:

8:25 PM Ticket #9445 (context asm files fail to build for x32 ABIs) created by Mike Frysinger <vapier@…>
building boost on x32 systems does: […] but it still tries to …
3:46 AM Ticket #9374 (g++ 4.7 -Wshadow warnings need attention (boost/pending)) closed by Jeremiah Willcock
wontfix: This is a standard C++ idiom and does not make sense to change.
1:38 AM Ticket #9412 (Error message hidden by assert) closed by Robert Ramey

Nov 29, 2013:

9:34 PM Ticket #9422 (dfgdf) closed by viboes
9:30 PM Ticket #9323 (Widget toolkit?) closed by viboes
invalid: Please, post to the boost ML.
7:59 PM Ticket #6324 (Flyweight performance improvement) closed by Joaquín M López Muñoz
7:59 PM Ticket #5787 ([multi_index] Suboptimal non-unique hash table) closed by Joaquín M López Muñoz
7:58 PM Ticket #4264 (boost multi_index hashed_unique erase takes linear time) closed by Joaquín M López Muñoz
4:22 PM Ticket #9444 (TTI: support has_member_function on non-class types) created by lukester_null@…
Hello again Would it be possible to support has_member_function on …

Nov 28, 2013:

8:49 AM Ticket #9443 (Runtime parameter Random seed for random order of test cases not ...) created by anonymous
When passing a random seed value > 1 to get a specific test case …
2:11 AM Ticket #9442 (boost::asio::spawn does nothing when coroutines v2 are enabled) created by drigh@…
Following code works as expected (i.e. prints 'works'). However, it …
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