Jan 13, 2014:

10:23 PM Ticket #9500 (Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64) closed by viboes
worksforme: Boost.Thread depends on Boost.Atomic. You must link with boost_atomic.
10:15 PM Ticket #8974 (boost variant debugger visualizer not supporting more than 9 arguments) closed by viboes
invalid: DebuggerVisualizers are not part of Boost :(
10:08 PM Ticket #9491 (Deluge does not run on i686/illegal hardware instruction (core dumped)) closed by viboes
invalid: Done.
10:02 PM Ticket #9526 (using boost to send vector of pairs) closed by viboes
invalid: Please, use the Boost ML for this kind of requests.
9:05 PM Ticket #9570 (TTI doesn't support inheritance or at least this is not documented anywhere) created by anonymous
If I didn't know better (not mentioned in TFM) I'd find the behavior …
3:02 PM SoC2014 edited by Niall Douglas
Added Boost.AFIO items (diff)
2:53 PM Ticket #9569 ([windows] Upgrade lock is not acquired when previous upgrade lock ...) created by Rodionov Andrew <camelot58@…>
The problem is described here …
11:49 AM Ticket #9568 (incomplete type is not allowed) created by iloehken@…
if compiling with latest intel compiler XE Composer 2013 SP1 IA-32 …
10:53 AM Ticket #9567 (De-serialization of enable_shared_from_this through base class pointer ...) created by Tim Regan
Given the following class structure: Base is a simple class. …
10:44 AM Ticket #9566 (program_options parsers.cpp does not compile: template-related error) created by rv1971 <rv1971@…>
When compiling program_options/src/parsers.cpp for …
10:24 AM SoC2014 edited by christopher_kormanyos
typos and clarity (diff)
3:14 AM Ticket #9565 ([boost] [range] size.hpp template parameter did not match the requirement) created by Lin, Yi-Li <record.nctu.cis91@…>
boost::size requires random access range, but the template parameter …

Jan 12, 2014:

11:48 PM Ticket #9564 (BOOST_CHECK(true) hangs on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)) created by Ilya Ivensky <ilya.ivensky@…>
Using compiler: g++ -v Configured with: …
8:44 PM SoC2014 edited by christopher_kormanyos
typos and clarity (diff)
8:34 PM SoC2014 edited by christopher_kormanyos
typos and clarity (diff)
8:29 PM SoC2014 edited by christopher_kormanyos
typos and clarity (diff)
8:27 PM SoC2014 edited by christopher_kormanyos
typos and clarity (diff)
8:25 PM SoC2014 edited by christopher_kormanyos
8:24 PM SoC2014 edited by christopher_kormanyos
5:44 PM SoCPrevious edited by viboes
Added project ideas from GSoC 2013 (diff)
5:43 PM SoC2014 created by viboes
Create page for GSoC 2014
5:41 PM WikiStart edited by viboes
Added page for GSoC 2014 (diff)
1:30 PM Ticket #9563 (boost::geometry:sym_difference fails when called with two polygons ...) created by Johan Doré <jdh@…>
Dear Boost Contributors, First of all thanks a lot for all your great …

Jan 11, 2014:

7:05 PM Ticket #9562 (boost::detail::operator_brackets_proxy::result_type::operator= return ...) created by Eric Niebler
From boost/iterator/detail/operator_brackets_dispatch.hpp: […] …
12:38 PM Ticket #9561 (tribool documentation suggestion) created by toby_toby_toby@…
Please add warning to docs (like basic usage of tribool) that you …
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